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Are you are an adrenaline junkie who wants to push your limits to the very extreme? If you do, SkyDive is an activity you must try at least once in a lifetime. An activity that started back in the 18th century over the skies of Paris, this thrill ride has turned into one of the most extreme sports you can venture on. While SkyDiving is popular all over the world, Dubai hosts one of the best sites to jump into and is renowned for the experience. With world-class instructor and top-notch equipment to seal the deal, Dubai is easily one of the best places you can SkyDive in the world!

Read ahead to know everything that is there to know about this mindblowing attraction before you decide to take that leap of a lifetime! If you are worried about safety and hold other concerns, you will find answers to all your queries as well in this read. So enjoy!

Beginner’s Skydiving

To those who have no prior experience at free-falling or for those who would like a taste of the experience beforehand, you can try the IFLY at Dubai, which is an artificial skydiving experience that will simulate SkyDiving and let you enjoy without having to deal with a fear of heights. You will experience free fall in a vertical tunnel in this Dubai Attraction. The best part about IFly Experience is that it is child-friendly as well and you can let your little ones not miss out on the fun!

Skydive Dubai and its Locations

Founded in 2010 by H.E Nasser Al Neyadi, SkyDive Dubai was started alongside the first international Parachuting championship conducted in Dubai at the Palm Drop Zone. You will not have to worry about experience or safety with these people as they are undoubtedly experts in their field! The instructors are all well trained to assist you at any point and you can even choose to not jump alone and opt for Tandem SkyDiving where an instructor will be strapped to you as you perform the jump together. The Dubai SkyDive experience has also gained several Guinness records as well.

1. Drop Zone 1 – Desert Campus Drop Zone

What better way to dive headfirst into the authentic Arab spirit of Dubai than to SkyDive into the Desert skies over the city outskirts? The desert in question is located off the highway that leads to Al-Ain from Dubai and is perfect for first-timers. This is the area where the SkyDiving School is located as well. Enjoy surreal views of the desert and vegetation as you plunge down into the vast sands of Dubai. Be sure to look up and admire the view of the spectacular skyline of Dubai in the distance while you dive as well!

2. Drop Zone 2 – Palm Drop Zone

Probably the most sought after skydiving locations in the world, the Palm Drop zone experience lets you watch the magnificent Palm Islands from up above and also get a great view of the vast Dubai Skyline up close. You can also see Ain Dubai, Burj Khalida, The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab and world islands in the distance while you take the plunge.

A Short Summary of what to expect

After you reach the Dubai SkyDive center, you will be required to fill out some documents and attend a small health check-up to ensure you are fit enough to try SkyDiving. You will be briefed on the spot by your allotted instructor half an hour before your flight. For your Skydive Dubai, a camera person will shoot a small interview of yours. Remember to talk about your excitement and anticipation as we guarantee you, this will be a video you will want to treasure.

After a final gear check and photo opportunity, you will board your flight and fly up to the height of 13000 feet! Make the best of the views during your 20-minute ride as well as they are completely worth the trouble! Be ready to take that leap of a lifetime that is sure to set every nerve ending of your on fire. After the required height is attained, you will be secured to your tandem instructor or prepared for your solo dive and you will exit the plane!

This fall will be completely captured by your cameraman who will accompany you for the jump. During the first minute of your free fall, you will experience speeds as high as 120 miles per hour! After you fall for approximately 60 seconds, your parachute will be deployed and you will begin your slow descend to the surface. Enjoy the spectacular views of this magnificent country during this time and relish in that experience you just had! After you land, you will have a post-jump video as well to complete the experience. Collect the video of your jump and go home with an experience of a lifetime that you are never going to forget!

Rules and restriction to be aware of

  • The minimal age to try SkyDiving is 18 and you must be 18 or older in order to embark on this journey
  • Be sure to carry a valid ID proof like your passport or Driver’s license.
  • If you are a man, your BMI should be below 30 and if you are a woman it should fall below 27.5.

Some Tips to remember!

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that are athletic and sporty for a skydive. Sneakers are a must and sandals/high heels will not be permitted for obvious reasons.

  • Get a good night’s rest before your big day as it is important to be your 100% during this wild adventure!
  • Ensure that you do not attend on an empty or full stomach as you may face difficulties that can be avoided. Consume light and healthy breakfast before you start your journey to have the perfect SkyDive!
  • Be sure to be patient. SkyDive is an activity that is heavily affected by external conditions such as wind. For your own safety, the activity will only take place when it is perfectly safe and hence be prepared to wait if necessary.

Most importantly, be sure to relax, avoid any worry and indulge completely in this extreme thrill adventure! According to world statistics, the risk factor during skydiving is as low as 1%. To be relieved, also know that the world’s youngest SkyDiver is only 4 years old! Be sure you to strap yourself in and enjoy this endlessly thrilling Dubai Attraction while you create memories of a lifetime with your loved ones. As we say, Explore with #NOREGRETS!

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