Why Dubai should be your first-holiday destination in 2019!


It is that time of the year when the clocks have reset and we start to believe in 365 new possibilities and hope for brand new experiences. If you are someone who loves seeking new places in the world, then travel will most definitely be a part of this future plan. New Year is also a time when we love to take a few days off and escape into a paradise solo or with your loved ones. Are you wondering where you should be headed to first? We have the answer for you- Dubai! Keep reading and you will know why.

Dubai is sometimes called the city of superlatives as the development there is rapid and mesmerizing. It holds an amalgamation of experiences tailored to suit every kind of human being in the world. It is a city that can disappoint no one in terms of things to do, due to the wide array of options you will have once you land in this breath-taking desert. Here are a few major points to add to the motivation and convince you why Dubai should be your first destination of 2019.

To witness one of the most magnificent skylines of the world

It comes as no surprise that Dubai has one of the best skylines of the world as it is the home of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower mankind has ever seen. However, it is not just this majestic tower that you can witness. In addition to this massive skyscraper, you can also visit the Burj Al-Arab, The Atlantis Palm, The Cayan Tower, Jumeirah Beach hotel and much more.

Here are some of the best spots to witness the skyline from

Dubai believes in getting things done rather than waiting for it to get done on its own. This can be clearly seen by the way this city keeps growing and adding jewels to its crown with every new structure built.

Dubai is a multi-cultural melting pot

Here is an amazing fact about the people of Dubai- a massive 90% of the population are from around the globe and only 10% are indigenous Emiratis. These first generation expats are from over 200 different nationalities which makes Dubai arguably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. This unique combination of diversity is something you can only witness in this great land.

In addition to the whole nation being a display of divergent cultures, you can also experience this in a compressed form in the Global village, Dubai. You can find a stall for every country with souvenir stalls you can shop from. To simply take a walk in the streets of Dubai is a grand experience that can be beaten by none.

Dubai is a Foodie haven

When such a diverse population exists, it is only natural for the cuisine variety available to be equally vast. You can find delicacies from Pakistan, Philippines, French, Japanese, Chinese, British and so much more! To add to the excitement, Dubai frequently holds food festivals throughout the year as well. Another amazing factor about food is the flavor factor. When cuisines travel across oceans, they tend to get influenced by indigenous flavors, which result in the creation of an exceptional identity. Some of the flavors you should try while you venture into the world of Emirati Cuisine are cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, and turmeric.

You can choose to savor the taste of some of the most luxurious international delicacies or choose to venture into the world of local cuisine or pop-eateries. There are a variety of restaurants that fit into various price ranges as well.

Dubai is every shopaholic’s paradise

Are you someone who finds your true happiness whilst scanning through racks, waltzing through malls or searching for treasures in local markets? Then Dubai is the perfect destination for you that will let you shop to your heart’s fill. The best part of this land is the different shopping atmospheres it holds.

For the Mall lover: You can walk into some of the world’s best malls and admire the beauty of the structure and the exclusive collections they hold which can compete with fashion destinations such as Milan and Paris. You can try visiting the Dubai Mall for its grand architecture, Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo or take a visit to the Mall of Emirates and relish in its grandeur. Similar to the cuisine options, Dubai offers a shopping option that’s friendly to every budget.

For the street shopper: If you love the nature of indigenous markets and the long walks among the stores while you window shop, you can try a traditional Emirati market or “Souk” in Dubai. There are a number of souks across the city that specifically cater to varieties of spices, perfume, textile, and even fish! You can also visit the Gold Souk where you can purchase rare designs of precious stone jewelry at a much cheaper price.

For the Sun, Sand & the endless ocean

Due to its geographical location in the Gulf, Dubai is home to a number of versatile and beautiful beaches. With over a 1000 km of coastline and about 300 days of sun, Dubai is the perfect destination for a thalassophile. You can get a taste of the sun on a winter evening and also have the chance to indulge yourself in activities such as Knee boarding, Kite flying, body boarding or simply enjoy a beach picnic. Some hotels such as the Burj Al Arab also offer a private beach to its residents.

Some of the beaches you can visit are

  • Kite Beach: You can have a grand view of the Burj Al Arab and enjoy Kitesurfing & stand-up paddling here.
  • Sunset Beach: Located in close proximity to the Kite Beach, you can catch a view of the gulf and have a quiet time in here.
  • Jumeirah Open Beach: A great beach if you love to take long walks, jog or sunbathe.
  • Al Mamzar Beach: A typical family beach with a great
  • JBR beach: Hit this beach if you want to play a game of Frisbee or try parasailing/banana boating. You can also get a pleasant view of the skyline from here.

For a rush of adrenaline

Dubai is also a perfect spot for the adrenaline junky in you. With its opportunities for skydiving and much more, it is definite that this destination will quench your thirst for adventure. You can try the skydiving over the skies of Dubai and also get a certification for the training you undergo or choose to go for a desert safari where you will encounter enormous sand dunes and gravity-defying maneuvers in an SUV.

If you would like to add some adventure in the snow, Dubai offers a chance to glide along some artificial slopes and enjoy skiing in Ski Dubai, which is a huge area that simulates a hill station. For a lighter sense of adventure, you can try swimming along with the Dolphins as well, in this unique city.

Dubai is a cluster of utmost luxury

If you like to savor luxury and indulge yourself, here is another reason why Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Home to some of the top hotels in the world, you can find luxury here like never before. Be it in terms of facilities, views or exclusivity, Dubai will have the perfect combination for you.

Here are some of the most fantastic hotels you can pamper yourself in.

  • Burj Al-Arab
  • Atlantis the Palm
  • Bab Al- Shams

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