What makes UAE a perfect destination for every Adrenaline Junkie!


Every individual travel for reasons of their own. While some try and explore the gastronomical side of every new destination and some prefer to settle on the lounge chairs by the beachside, some explore to unleash the adrenaline rush within them. Playing with fire, these brave people enjoy taking calculated risks and find a high when they feel the adrenaline pump within. Are you are adrenaline junkie who plans to visit Dubai? You have made a splendid decision! Because Dubai is a destination that is filled with possibilities to thrill you endlessly! Read ahead to know how you can make the best of Dubai’s daredevil side!

1. Ride the fastest roller coaster in the world


Do you think you have it in you to survive the world’s fastest roller coaster? Head over to the first of its kind theme park, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to catch hold of this one in a million experience riding the Formula Rossa! Ferrari World is filled with rides and adventures and unfurls as you explore the park with each step. Be sure you explore every inch of this amazing Dubai Attraction including the tour of the historic Ferrari factory inside the park.

2. Zip-Line across the towering city of Dubai!

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Take the journey of a lifetime with XLine Dubai as you ride over Dubai, accelerating to a speed of 60kmph in a single second! Do you think you can handle the thrill? Well, Book ahead and know for yourself! This 60-minute experience will give you the rare opportunity to catch a breath-taking view of the famous skyscrapers of Dubai such as the Cayan tower, Princess towel and even a glimpse of the Dubai Mall! At a height of 170m above the ground, this thrilling journey will definitely be one of the Top attractions of Dubai where you can get a perfect dash of adrenaline. For a scenic alternative, you can also venture on the Jebel Jais zip line that will let you speed at a maximum speed of 150kmph over mountains and valleys in the heart of UAE.

3. Parasail over the waters of Dubai

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Strap yourself into a parachute pack and feel the wind hit your face hard as you fly over-attached to a speedboat with this thrilling experience! The Parasailing experience is one of the best attractions of Dubai where you can get the best of both the land and sea adventures combined into a single ride. Book ahead to enjoy this thrill. We guarantee you that it is an experience that is not to be missed. Do you dare to take a drop as well? All you need to do is request and you can give the stomach-churning drop into the ocean experience a try!  Be sure to keep your eyes open to witness some of the best views of Dubai city while you’re in the air as well!

4. Literally, dive into the city of Dubai!


This one is definitely not for the weak hearted! Skydive Dubai takes you on an adrenaline thrill ride like never before, where you can drop down from the sky at a height of 13000 feet and experience the sheer speed of wind blowing in your face as you speed down at 120kmph before you pull the cord of your parachute!  If you can dare keep your eyes open, you will be able to witness the entire city of Dubai racing towards you as you feel the adrenaline pump through your veins. Book ahead this Dubai attraction to satisfy your thrill-seeking heart and soul!

5. Speed across the infinite deserts of UAE!

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The regular dune bashing in the deserts within the safety of a powerful 4-wheeler isn’t thrilling enough for you? Get aboard and book the Desert safari with quad bike for the experience of a lifetime! Skip the car and get dirty with the sand blowing in your face as you navigate through the timeless sands of this amazing country! With this mind-blowing adventure tour, you can explore the desert on the giant quad bike for a period of 5-6 hours before you relax in the middle of nowhere with a grand BBQ dinner and entertainment!

We hope we have awakened the beast within you with this! Get aboard a plane to UAE already! Make sure you pick the perfect Dubai tours and packages to plan your Dubai trip, just the way you like it. Not everyone can have the guts or the heart to be a daredevil adventurer like you are! Keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS! 

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