Top 10 Instagrammable spots of Dubai!

Top 10 Spots in Dubai

A city like no other, Dubai is a world filled with experiences and opportunities. Every traveler regardless if they are visiting this land for the first time or not, loves to click pictures. With structures that scrape the sky and endless beaches, it is only natural that Dubai becomes every Instagrammers favorite destination. This wonderland will take you through a rustic souq one minute and then will let you hit the waters or mountains with the amount of versatility it holds!

Want to know the secrets on getting the best possible photographs for your feed? Worry no more! In this blog, we will tell you all the spots you have to visit that will truly get you Instagram worthy pictures!

1.  Burj Khalifa

Source: Arsalan Cheema via unsplash

Probably the first item on your mind when you think of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa holds a lot of records for being the highest. The highest tower with the world’s 5th fastest elevators is now home to the world’s highest lounge as well with the opening of The Lounge, Burj Khalifa. Want to click some aerial views of the city with its network of roads and innumerable skyscrapers? Book your slots to visit the 124th,125th or 148th floor and enjoy the view from a height of 555m.

Photo tips: If you make a booking such as Sunrise at Burj Khalifa, you may even be able to see the fog that sweeps over the tops of the buildings and get a view like never before! Ensure you place your device close to the frame to avoid glare and light and click away! You can also get a great shot of this tower from Souk Al Bahar Bridge and use the Dubai fountains to add some drama in your frame!

2.  Burj Al-Arab

Source: Darcey Beau via unsplash

Head over to Jumeirah beach to catch a one in a million view of the Burj Al-Arab in all its glory! This beach gets you a view of the tower with the sea and the colorful sky during sunset which will make the perfect frame for your next post! The evening rays of the sun make the tower seem like its sparkling with the reflections from its glass panels. The horizon is also definitive to be vibrant enough to leave you speechless! This beach also offers an array of water activities such as Bodyboarding, stand paddling, jet ski etc. Be sure to try them and capture some amazing shots if you have a waterproof device in hand!

Photo tip: Play around with your white balance setting to get you the perfect warm tones to shoot the sunset and capture its color.

3.  Dubai Mall aquarium & underwater zoo

Source: Moon via unsplash

Want to get yourself clicked under a 270 degree spanning glass roof aquarium? Head over to the Dubai Mall aquarium which is one of the top Dubai tourist attractions and pay a visit to its underwater tunnel to get this perfect shot! You may even get some beautiful aquatic creatures in the frame if you place it right. This aquarium holds 140+ species of aquatic marvels that are sure to leave you speechless!

Photo tip: Try to avoid going on the peak hours to avoid the crowds and make sure you carry a wide lens for your camera or phone to capture the complete beauty of the tunnel.

4.  ChillOut Ice Lounge


How about a post in a lounge made completely of ice blocks, complete with sculptures and showpieces? Head over to the one and only Ice lounge in Dubai – Chill Out Ice Lounge to capture you in the midst of art made in Ice, only in Dubai! Be sure to order yourself a cup of hot chocolate while you enjoy the lounge to enhance your experience. The lounge also provides you with sufficient warm clothes so you can avoid worrying about the temperature drop.

Photo tip: You can try shooting from places with good lighting to avoid grains. Also, try some close-up shots of the sculptures and see how beautiful ice can be! Avoid taking your phone right outside into the heat when you exit from the lounge. You can place it in your bag after the buffer zone and let the device heat up to outside temperature gradually.

5.  Dunes of Dubai

Source: Savvas Kalimeris via unsplash

Your Dubai trip will never be complete without a visit to the dunes of this majestic desert. Pay a visit to the deserts of Dubai and book Dubai attractions to get the best possible views of the never-ending desert. Ensure you book the evening desert Safari with BBQ dinner or the morning desert Safari to get the slanted rays of the sunlight. You can see the sand grains glisten across the horizon and relish in this sight. While you are here, also try the Hot air balloon ride to soar up into the sky and witness the desert from a bird’s eye perspective.

Photo tip: Try to wear a bright and contrasting color like red to stand out amidst the desert. You can also take advantage of the steep angles to get a completely new angle in your frame and capture the long crew of convoys exploring the desert along with you. If you are staying overnight in the desert, you can try catching the stars using the slow shutter option in your phone/camera and a tripod and capture the night sky. As it is far from the city lights and light pollution, you are bound to get a good view.

6.  Souqs of Dubai


The noise every vibrant souq of Dubai will make you find it difficult to believe that you are in Dubai! The best part of Dubai is the fact that they preserve the traditions even with their rapid development. Souqs are a popular Dubai tourist attraction that will let them shop without restrictions as the prices are placed low and you can always bargain. Visit places like the Bur Dubai souq or the textile souq to find yourself immersed in a world of color and clothes! Not only would you be able to find plenty of authentic traditional clothes from Dubai, but you will also be in a place that is very photogenic with the number of frames it offers!

Photo Tip: If you want a crowded frame, try visiting during the peak hours of Friday evening. Visit the souq during the early hours of the night if you want a less crowded shot. Be sure to use the leading lines to compose your shot. You will find plenty of interesting people here with whom you can experiment with for portraits as well, with their permission!

8.  Palm Jumeirah


One of the world’s largest man-made archipelagos, The palm stands proudly as an extension of modern Dubai. You can stay at one of the many beachfront resorts to wake up with a view every day or visit the palm by metro to catch some amazing views. The Palm is best seen from the aerial point of view. Hence if you Book Dubai attractions such as Helicopter tour or the Sea Plane tour, you will be able to catch some frames that will truly be out worldly!  Don’t miss out on the Dubai Dolphinarium if you want to get a few good shots of Dolphins playing as well!

Photo Tip: The Palm will have an amazing background if you shoot it during the hours of sunset. The sky will seem like a painting splattered with warm tones and the ocean will gleam its reflection as well. You can try shooting from Fairmont The Palm to take advantage of a good vantage point.

8.  Miracle Garden, Dubai

Source: The Little Backpacker

Another place tops the list of things to do in Dubai, the Miracle garden is a manmade wonder where over 50 million flowers thrive in the middle of a country that is also a desert. Ever since its inauguration in 2013, the garden has always been a point of interest to residents and tourists alike with the brand new attraction added each year! One of the points not to miss are the corridor of hearts, the giant A380 Emirates flight, and other dramatic exhibits made entirely out of flowers and metal frameworks.

Photo Tip: The corridor of hearts will make a great portrait location with its leading lines in the background! Dress in a shade of happiness such as yellow or red, to blend into the flower land and yet standout with your dazzling smile!

9.  Dubai Frame

Source: DEZEEN

One of the brand new Dubai attractions in town, the Dubai frame has already captured the hearts of many! This symbolic architectural marvel is the first of its kind and is built on a solid set of concepts. Atop this marvel, you can see the old areas of the city such as Dubai Creek and Bur Dubai on one side while you will be able to see the modern marvels such as Burj Al-Arab, Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Towers on the other side. The frame is placed and structured in a way that it shows what Dubai stands for; honoring the past and working towards a bright future.

Photo tip: Click a panorama with the two sides, or add multiple images and compare the two sides of Dubai on your feed! This view is bound to be mind-blowing! You can also adorn a bright dress and pose with your hair open towards a side of the city to capture another great image!

10.  Ski Dubai

Source: Daytur

Want to post a picture in the middle of snow while you pay a visit to Dubai? Confused? Worry no more! We told you nothing is impossible in Dubai. The Ski Dubai is a one of a kind snow park created in the center of the city in Dubai mall, where you can spend time playing in the sea, or taking a cable car uphill, or ski on the slopes. Click plenty of pictures here and have the time of your life!  You will be provided with sufficient warm clothes and protective layering to ensure you are safe and warm amidst the extremely cold temperatures!

Photo Tip: Set the camera white balance to cooler tones to capture the complete beauty of the snow and the vibrant whiteness. Be it portraits or landscapes, a post from Ski Dubai is bound to be exciting!

We hope we have provided you with sufficient information to ensure that your feed will be bursting with creativity after a trip to Dubai! In this land with endless possibilities, you can find plenty more of Dubai attractions and adventures by exploring the array of customized Holiday tour packages Dubai UAE. Keep traveling, and Explore with #NOREGRETS!

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