The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Dining in Dubai!

Luxury Dining in Dubai

One of the unique factors that set Dubai apart from the rest of the world is that fact that this country holds a truly unique mixed pot culture. This is largely due to the population in Dubai that holds people from all over the world. Dubai is so welcome to expats that around 75% of its total population is made up of non-Emirati foreign nationals. A grand advantage of this is the variety of cuisine that finds home in this country due to the versatility of the people. Are you a gastronomy enthusiast who’s traveling to Dubai in search of exquisite food and experiences? Worry no more!

In this blog, we have listed a few carefully selected dining opportunities in Dubai that are guaranteed to let your taste buds experience ecstasy amidst a luxurious setting. Read ahead to be well informed during your Dubai trip in order to get the best possible luxury cuisine experience.

1. Pierchic

Source: Zomato

One of the most romantic spots in Dubai, this restaurant does not only serve world-class food but is also located on a spectacular ambiance by being suspended over water. Book a table here during sunset and enjoy the breath-taking views of the sun dipping into the horizon. One of the Best Places to Dine in Dubai, the Pierchic offers you a menu that is both fancy and elaborate at the same time but with a price tag that comes to match.

The menu served is predominantly Mediterranean and you can dive into a world of carefully crafted dishes based on Oysters, caviar and lobster topped with exquisite foie gras and truffle.

Location: Pierchic, Al Sufouh Road Madinat Jumeirah

2. Bab Al Yam, Burj Al Arab

Source: Jumeirah

How about a restaurant with a view? Book a table at the Bab Al Yam restaurant located on the top floor of the Burj Al Arab tower, and enjoy a panoramic view of Dubai like never before! The floor to ceiling window installed in here ensures you have a flawless view to enjoy all through your meal. The cuisine here is European with strong influences from the authentic flavors of the middle east.

Don’t miss a chance to order from the in-house open brick kitchen in the center of the floor where you can watch some of the best culinary experts of the world create magical food.

Location: Burj Al Arab, Dubai

3. Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant

Source: Local Dubai Tours

As the name suggests, this luxury dining spot expresses its ambiance in a vibrant set of colors and patterns that tend to resonate with their vibrant themed cuisine as well. For the lovers of Buffet meals, you can find a mix of cuisine that includes both authentic Emirati dishes as well as International dishes.

Book a table in this place which is one of Dubai’s top place to Dine at and relax with your family in the rich tapestry of colors that fill your soul.

Location: Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant, Atlantis the Palm

4. Atmosphere

Source: Zomato

Another one that is perfect for people who enjoy a good view, the Atmosphere offers a breath-taking dining space atop the Burj Khalifa and the ambiance is completed with ceiling to floor glass windows. This restaurant is themed minimalistic with good use of steel and glass to perfect the ambiance. You can find cuisines here ranging from Japanese to Australian.

Location: Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa 122 floor

5. Mediterraneo

Source: Armani Hotel Dubai

An enthusiast of Greek cuisine? Wonder no more and book a table at the Mediterraneo at ArmaniHotel Dubai already! This gastronomical rollercoaster to Greek cuisine offered comes along with a grand setting of a high rise dining. You can also find a variety of Global favorite dishes here as well. With a dash of the flavors of the Middle East, the food here is simply ecstatic. Book ahead to ensure you can experience this restaurant during your trip to Dubai.

Location:  Mediterraneo, Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Lobby Level

6. La Cantine du Faubourg

Source: Luxe Magazine

A classy dining experience that transports you to France? Think no more. La Cantine du Faubourg is the place you should be in. Filled with the fashionistas of town, this restaurant is often packed with the elite crowds. As the name suggests, French cuisine is celebrated in La Cantine. Dishes are exquisite and served with perfection.

Location: La Cantine du Faubourg, Sheikh Zayed Road Emirates Towers Hotel

7. Al Muntaha

Source: Flickr

Reserve a meal at the splendid Al Muntaha to ensure you get the Best view of Marina there is! This restaurant features an amazing view by projecting a part of it to the ocean! You can see the crystal waves beneath you and the cityscape in the distance while you devour your meal.

You can also explore the bar here which has exclusive delicacies like cocktails that contain whiskey infused with foie gras. The menu is predominantly contemporary European and you can also find some authentic flavors of the Middle East here. The place is subdued and complete with silverware and elite diners.

Location: Al Muntaha, 27th floor, Burj Al Arab, Dubai United Arab Emirates

We hope we have succeeded in giving you the complete list on where to seek the best dining experiences while in Dubai. While the list can be long, these are the carefully handpicked bunch that is sure to leave you speechless. Planning a trip to Dubai? Check out these must-visit spots of Dubai to add to your travel list. They say travel is the soul of life. So keep traveling indeed and explore with #NOREGRETS!

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