Dhow Cruise: Enjoy a Restaurant on the boat in Dubai Marina


A dhow cruise in the city of Dubai has so much to offer. Riding in a dhow is a calm, relaxing experience that could be a much-needed break from all the hustle and bustle from touring the big city of Dubai. A dhow is a vessel made of wood that was primarily used for two occasions: transporting goods from one body of land to another, and for deep sea divers to dive from in search of pearls.

Dhow Crusie in dubai

Can you imagine the experience of a fine dining establishment on a boat? As time went on and Dubai’s culture changed, entrepreneurs began to make and repurpose the dhow into a traveling restaurant. There are even dhows that are luxury grade to offer tourists the grandest of voyages on the Persian Gulf, in addition to providing them with food and entertainment. A dhow is big enough for dozens of guests to eat, dance, party, and look at surroundings on the deck.

From only a few dhows in the 90s, there are nearly 40 dhows in service among Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. A dhow is a fine way to spend a day or even an evening. Find out more on dhow cruise online booking to have a dinner on the water.

A dhow dinner cruise has so many advantages over an ordinary dinner in Dubai. First of all, you are enjoying a meal on a body of water, so as you are situated at your table, you can feel the rocking of gentle waves as the dhow moves from one location to the next. Hearing the tides crash into the dhow are relaxing and are pleasant to hear during silent moments.

Some dhows also offer upper deck eating. If you prefer that you want to eat without a roof, you can do that, as most restaurants do not offer outdoor eating areas. Enjoy your meal under the night’s sky, bask in the fresh air and lovely winds, and listen to pleasant outdoor ambiance. You have the chance to count stars, look at brightly lit Dubai buildings, and have a fun evening. You will want to bring a camera or a smartphone to take pictures of the breathtaking environment. As far as the lower deck is concerned, you can enjoy your meal in an air-conditioned room with beautiful and cultural decor.

Dhow Cruise

You may live in a country where you can eat a meal on a yacht or cruise line, but nothing beats that quality fine dining experience like a dhow cruise in Dubai. Dhow cruise online booking can lead you to a one-of-a-kind evening during an unforgettable stay in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to book a dhow cruise online, you can also book through a hotel in Dubai or from a travel agency.

As mentioned previously, a dhow provides not only fine dining, but also music and dance. During live performances, a live band will play, with tanoura dancers in tow. A tamboura dance is a dance originated in Turkey, in which a dancer wears a dress festooned in colorful lights and spins around to produce quite the spectacle. At all other times throughout the cruise, romantic Arabic or English music will play throughout the dhow via speakers, setting the mood for the couples that are on board.

In summary, a dhow cruise today is a lovely dining establishment that travels via a body of water, providing tourists with authentic meals, a gentle ride in the Marina or Creek, unique views of the city, and live music. Make a dhow dinner cruise in Dubai Marina one of many great evenings during your trip to the UAE.

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