How To Ride A Camel In Dubai For The First Time

Ride A Camel

If you are planning a trip to go to Dubai, one of the activities you should be looking forward to is going on a camel ride in the desert. The one-humped camel may not be around in your country, so you might have likely never rode one or even seen one in person before.

Understandably so, some people still have worries about riding an animal that is foreign to them. In this article, we will explain how to properly ride a camel, so that you can pick up some knowledge about riding camels as you fulfill your Dubai shopping festival packages.

Every camel rider must wear long pants and long socks as they mount the camel. A camel’s gait, while it walks, will cause its rough hair to brush up and down against your legs, and your legs may get scratched up if exposed. Other articles of clothing that are highly recommended are a hat and sunglasses, and a long scarf or bandana, for protection against the sun and dust storms, respectively.

Most camel riding guides will command the camel to sit before getting on it, so that it is easier for you to mount. When you proceed to get on a camel, approach the camel from its side, slowly and calmly. Unless you try to mount the camel in a hastened manner, it will for the most part be subordinate.

Mounting a camel is the hardest part about riding it. Mounting saddles from camels usually include one stirrup on each side of the camel. As you get on the camel’s hump, step on the stirrup and quickly throw your other leg over to the other side of the camel. Straddle the camel so you can gain and maintain a good balance on its hump. If there is a handle on the front side of the saddle, hold on to that during the mount as well.

Camels stand up with their hind legs first. Once the camel starts to stand, lean back, so you do not risk hitting your face into the back of its neck. Once its hind legs are standing, it will get up with its front legs. Slowly start to lean forward so that as it gets on all fours, you will be perfectly upright.

While straddling the camel may seem more traditional or natural, you can cross your legs, as if you were sitting on a park bench. Riders who cross their legs will be more comfortable. Crossing legs will also shift your body weight from your tailbone, which could be resting against the camel’s hump. If you are more comfortable with your legs straddling the camel, that is okay, too, albeit not recommended for longer camel rides.

When a camel walks, it sways in an odd pattern. Do not try to straighten the camel’s walk in any way, instead, allow your body to motion back and forth. If you are in possession of any electronics or valuables, be sure that they are well secured on you so they do not have the chance to fall out of any coat or pants pockets.

From there, you can simply relax and make the most out of a fun and exciting camel ride. When fulfilling your Dubai shopping festival packages, you would like a nice break from all the shopping, so consider going on a camel ride with what you know now.

In some ways, they are like riding a horse, and in other ways, they are better than riding a horse. Camels are more docile than some of the most trained and disciplined horses and mules.

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