Ferrari World: The most thrilling theme park in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari world

The city of Abu Dhabi has so many things to offer and adventure junkies are no other exception. Being, one of the largest indoor theme park in the world, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most thrilling, exciting and best tourist destinations.

Car fanatics, thrill lovers, start roaring your engines and calm your excitement in the ever-popular Ferrari World theme park. Grab the chance to get the most thrilling experience along with adrenaline rush in the churning rides and attractions of the Ferrari themed park. However, if you are a great fan of Ferrari brand, then you should not miss the opportunity to visit the park as you can gather ample information regarding the Ferrari brand including their historical conquests.

The park will portray Ferrari brand’s design, story, facts while featuring 20 rides and attractions as well as restaurants and shopping destinations. Ferrari World is known as the most thrilling theme park in Abu Dhabi, the reason behind is the Formula Rossa, world’s fastest roller coaster in the world. We are listing down more detailed artifacts about Ferrari World so that you can have a clear idea about the park.

Ferrari world attractions
Ferrari world attractions

About Ferrari World:

Open 365 days in a year, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular theme park that has family-friendly attractions, live shows, state-of-the-art simulators, adrenaline rides, the adventurous treasure of racing memorabilia, electric-powered go-karts, fine dining experience, etc. Inside the park, you will find the iconic big logo of the Ferrari brand in the lustrous roof shining as the Ferrari’s emblem.

In this article, we will be going to elaborate the aspects that has made Ferrari World the most thrilling theme park in Dubai. Well, there are many reasons behind it because the Ferrari World is packed up with loads of attractions which entertain visitors of all age groups.

Rides and Attractions:

Well, whether you are a thrill seeker or not, Ferrari World has got you covered with all categories of rides and attractions such as:

  • Thrill category
  • Family Attractions
  • Kids Attractions

Thriller Rides in Ferrari World:

Formula Rossa:

Formula Rossa
Formula Rossa

Being the most popular rides of Ferrari World, Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world that reach up to the height of 52 meters with a speed of 240 kmph in only 4.9 seconds. What else a thrill fanatic needs to quench his thirst for his adventure?

Karting Academy:

Now you can sharpen your skills of racing on the racing track of 290 meters. Get ready to take part in and enhance your skills.

Flying Aces:

Adventure junkies you have the opportunity to ride on the highest roller coaster loop of 63 m at the speed of 120 km/h at 51-degree incline.

Scuderia Challenge Advanced:

Get ready to heat up your potential on Formula 1 in this advanced stimulator and get the chance for immense fun and excitement.

Turbo Track

Are you ready for experiencing an adrenaline rush back to back thrills in a vertical climb with an epic zero gravity fall?

Fiorano GT Challenge:

A twisting parallel tracks which are based on the real GT courses. Ferrari F430 runs on the circuit at the speed of 95km/hr.

Family Attractions:

Tyre Twist:

Tyre Twist
Tyre Twist

Now you can go for a spin with your friend’s gang while seating in the Ferrari themed giant tyre. Slide, collide and have fun to your fullest. Whether you are with your friend’s group or with your family, Tyre Twist is an attraction that you can not afford to miss.

Tyre Change Experience:

Beat the clock while changing the tyres of the F1 cars and prove yourself to be a part of the Ferrari pit crew.

VR Challenge:

Get ready for experiencing the competitive driving environment in a 3D virtual space which can be an extreme challenge for you.

Kids Attraction:

Kids Attraction
Kids Attraction

Nello’s Adventureland:

If you are visiting Ferrari World with your family, then Nello’s Adventureland is the ideal place for the kids. It is an area where soft adventure zones are built for the kids.

RC Challenge:

Remote-Controlled cars and boats in the waterways of Italy, RC Challenge is a place for all.

Khalil’s Car wah:

Toddlers, this is the circuit for you, grab the pedal cars and remote control Ferrari cars while climbing on the grandstand.

Junior KT:

Juniors, get ready for driving Ferrari car of 430 GT Spider model. Before driving you will be getting a training and lessons of driving.

Junior Grand Prix:

It is the higher standard in the racing school for the juniors. You will be watching an educational film while giving expert instructions and then get ready for F1 racing in the track.

Speed of Magic:

Fly over the cliffs, dive into the ocean, and enter into the ice caves with the majestic 4D fantasy universe where the temperatures, light, moisture are controlled by the simulators.

Dining Experience in Ferrari World:

Dining Experience in Ferrari World
Dining Experience in Ferrari World

Indulge yourself in the five-star restaurants with Italian and international cuisines of your choice. Get the chance to retreat yourself with superior hospitality in the Italian homeland.  Whether you are longing for a fine dining experience or you are craving for a quick bite, there are restaurants which will definitely  delight your taste buds.

Cavallino Lounge:

Satiate your hunger with classic European and Italian cuisine in the Cavallino Lounge with elegance.

Espresso Rosso:

Indulge the experience of an Italian coffee bar at the Espresso Rosso while having the wide selection of gelato, coffee, pastries and many more.

Officers Food Quarters:

A place for the quick bites, you could have sumptuous meals including fresh salads, sandwiches, juices, Mediterranean Shawarmas, pizzas, etc.

Mamma Rosella:

A fast food trattoria which is famous for pizzas, pasta, and other Italian delicacies.

Il Podio:

IL Podio is the food joint where you will find foods of Indian, Arabic and Western cuisines.

Shopping destinations:

Shopping destinations
Shopping destinations

You have the chance to recreate your memories in your home while having an impressive collection of Ferrari themed accessories in your home. Now featuring the largest Ferrari retail space of the world in the Ferrari World itself.

The Ferrari Store:

Choose your favorite jewelry, fashion, memorabilia, accessories in your home from the ever-popular Ferrari Store.

Ferrari Past and Present Store:

It is the largest Ferrari themed retail space where you will get every accessory starting from historical aspects to futuristic technological themes.

Enchanting live Shows:

Enchanting live Shows
Enchanting live Shows

Watch shows full of elegance, passion, and entertainment that features optical illusions, acrobats, stunts, etc. in Fast lane, La Piazza Show, Cinema Maranello, etc.

Wrapping up:

Ferrari World might be the only one Ferrari branded theme park in the world, but there is much more to it. It has the largest space-frame structure ever built and is the home of not only about the world’s fastest roller-coaster Formula Rossa, but also it has the tallest non-inverting loop with the Flying Aces. Moreover, you will find that Ferrari World is the winner of multiple awards starting from Best International Leisure Development award, Best Theme Park in UAE, World Travel awards, etc.

However, despite of being a thrill seeker or any other tourist, Ferrari World is a place you cannot miss to visit if you are planning for a Dubai trip. Get your Ferrari World tickets from TripX Tours and get ready for having a day full of thrill, adventure and excitement.

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