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They say the winters of Dubai are so pleasant, that it feels like summer in Britain. If you have planned a trip to this amazing city during the months of winter, you are definitely in for a treat! If you are a thalassophile, Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of beaches. In this blog, let us take you on a journey and help you discover the world of possibilities the beaches of Dubai has to offer you. You can Book Dubai attractions that you find interesting and simply go ahead to have the time of your life.

1.  Sunset Beach

The beach with the best ground view of the Burj Al Arab, it is the perfect place for you to click some photographs with the iconic building. This beautiful stretch of sand is exquisite and filled with an array of activities you can indulge in! One of the top things to do in the sunset beach is Surfing! You can even get trained on the basics and indulge yourself in the exciting activity. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee and let yourself get immersed in the beauty of the sunset while you visit!

2.  Jumeirah Beach

One of the most happening beaches of Dubai, the Jumeirah coastal line has a lot to offer to adults and children alike! The promenade of this beach is almost always filled with residents and tourists. You can witness a great view of the Burj Khalifa and indulge in the plethora of activities here. Here are some of the best tourist attractions of this beach.

  • Bodyboarding: A popular water sport, you can ride on the crest, face & curl of the wave when you bodyboard. We are definite that you will get a rush of adrenaline while you try and conquer every wave. If you are new to the sport, worry not as there are plenty of trainers and classes you can book ahead!
Body Boarding – Picture by Newquay Activity Centre
  • Knee Boarding: Love speed? Then this is the perfect activity for you. Kneeboarding is a safe and fast sport where you will be strapped to a convex board and be towed by a fast-paced You can enjoy the turns and twists of the water while you kneel on the board and feel the rush.
Picture by Jobe® Watersports
  • Pedal boat: This one is for peaceful travelers, who love to soak into the beach environment and experience a sense of tranquillity. You can gently pedal along the shallow ends of the beach with a loved one and simply let yourself soak into the calmness. The pedals are easy to operate and this is a perfect activity for both adults and children alike.
Picture from Fly Fish Water Sports

3.  Kite Beach

Another scintillating beach of Dubai, Kite Beach is popular for its sports and recreational activities. You can simply take a trip here and have the chance to indulge in a variety of non-aquatic sports such as volleyball, skating, trampoline and also in water sports such as paddle board and kayak. After your time in the ocean, head over to one of the several canteens by the bay to enjoy a delicious meal. Occasionally, kite flying fests are held on this area of the sand stretch and hence the name.

Sourceof Image:

4.  JBR Beach

Another popular beach in Dubai, the JBR beach in front of the Ritz Carlton is a prime waterfront establishment. A great place to unwind after a long week and also a place filled with touristic activities, this beach is one of the best Dubai touristic attractions! You can also find several world-class boutiques & skyscrapers beside this place. You can either pick up an inflatable pool lounge and indulge in it with your family or participate in the activities they offer. Here are some of the activities that are available on this beach.

  • Donut ride: Get on a donut-shaped boat which is connected to a speed boat and strap in to enjoy the ride of your lifetime. There is no need to worry about safety as you will be strapped taught on the inflatable donut and the speed of the boat is adjusted to ensure your liking. Experience the exhilarating twists and turns in this amazing ride!
Source of Image:
  • Jet Pack: Looking for a grand adventure that involves being lifted in the air and zooming over the surface of the ocean? The Jet pack ride does exactly that! Experience how it feels like to fly with this amazing adventure sport!
Source of Image: Visit Dubai
  • Jet Ski: Love Biking? Then the Jet Ski is a must try for you! This water sport is highly popular all over the world and is a grand experience in the clear waters of Dubai. You can rent a Jet Ski and enjoy for an hour and a half with a partner or alone, speeding through the waters. The rides are safe as well as there will be constant help available and lifejackets worn.

  • Kayaking: A different type of activity in Dubai, Kayaking involves you and your partner to maneuver a kayak using a double-bladed The advantage of riding a kayak is the close proximity of the seating position to the water level around the boat. It is truly an amazing experience you should try at least once in a lifetime!

  • Wake Boarding: Add a twist to surfing by trying wake boarding in Dubai! You can strap yourself to your surfboard and get attached to a speed boat. This ride is not only thrilling, but you can also have the pleasure of speeding through the water with good music for company!
  • Stand Paddle: Another activity similar to surfing, stand paddle involves standing on the surfboard and pushing yourself through the water using a paddle. You can choose your pace and enjoy without fear!

  • Parasailing: Another sprightly way to enjoy the ocean, you can try parasailing on the beach. You will be safely connected to a speed boat while you are in the air and you can enjoy bouncing above the ocean with the wind gathered in your chute. If you are feeling a little extra adventurous, you can also try dipping into the ocean while the ride happens.
Source of Image:

5.  La Mer

La Mer is one of the newly developed beach areas that Dubai has to offer. Ranging from amazing dining options & an assortment of boutiques, this beach is also equipped with an exciting trampoline park! Not only can you try several water sports here, but you can also simply bask in the sunlight in this peaceful stretch and ensure you get your tan! Make sure you try fly boarding here, as it is an activity that you cannot afford to miss!

Source of Image: Time Out Dubai

6.  Black Palace Beach

This beach may sound royal, and it is rightly named so due to its prime location close to one of Dubai’s Royal residences. A little hidden from the public eye, this beach is truly a gem of a place. Witness a grand shoreline that’s untouched and view the Palm Jumeirah & Burj Al Arab in the distant skyline. Get away to this beach and discover a sense of calmness you cannot find in the remaining beaches of Dubai!

Image source:

7.  Al Mamzar Beach Park

A beach that looks like its right out of a dream, the Al Mamzar beach is filled with tiny shelters, lagoons & playgrounds. For a nominal fee, you can spend a day here and relish under a sun-lounge, rent a pool or even book a private bungalow! If you like your beach holidays quiet and perfect, then this is the place for you!

Image Source: What’s On Dubai

Boating options in the Persian Gulf

If you are someone who loves the ocean but prefers to remain dry, you may be tempted to choose the boating options these beaches offer. There are several fun ways to explore the ocean in Dubai including riding a traditional Dhow on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek during the late evenings, trying a splash tour in the Marina or the Yellow boat ride at Marina and several other beaches!

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