Everything you need to know about visiting Dubai during Ramadan!

Rmadan 2019

Ramadan is a holy period in the year where the believers of Islam practice fasting from daybreak to dawn. This month is considered the best month among the twelve of the calendar as it is also during Ramadan, that the holy book of Qur’an was revealed to the world. A time for self-reflection and understanding, the life routine followed during Ramadan is entirely different from the rest of the year. Due to this, routines and rules can slightly differ and it is essential that you respect the individuals who undergo this fasting process. Are you visiting Dubai during Ramadan 2019? Let us guide you on the things to keep in mind during your visit! Read ahead to have a well-informed trip to the wonderful city of Dubai!

Reasons to visit Dubai during Ramadan 2019!

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While it may not be the peak season to visit Dubai attractions, Ramadan is one of the best times to visit Dubai in terms of the experiences you can have. A great time to explore the rich Arabic culture that is richly prevalent throughout the city during Dubai, you can also experience some of the unique Islamic traditions such as Iftar! Here is a number of reasons to motivate you to visit Dubai during Ramadan!

1.Experiencing the Mosques of Dubai


What better way to explore and dive into the culture than to a visit to a grand mosque in Dubai? You can even visit during the evenings when people all over the area gather in the mosques to break their fasts together and find peace among themselves. In Dubai, most mosques offer free meals to those who are fasting to ensure that no one has to remain hungry during Ramadan. This moment of humanity is something to be experienced in life. Ensure you pay a visit to the famous Jumeirah mosque as well!

2. Iftar Experience

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After a day of fasting, believers of Islam come together at dawn and break their fast with a meal known as Iftar. If an Emirati invites you over, be sure to attend the feast as it is a moment of serenity and togetherness like never before. Another advantage of Iftar is that most restaurants and hotels offer an unlimited buffet, especially for Ramadan. These meals will let you try out a number of authentic Emirati and Arabic dishes and relish the experience.

3. Skip the Lines and crowds!

If you are someone who avoids crowds and their busyness, visiting during Ramadan would be the best way for you to enjoy this city! The working hours get shorter, the pace of lives grow slower and Dubai Top attractions also enjoy a lower amount of rush. No more long queues for you! Check out some of the best places to visit and things to do in Dubai before you go!

4. Price drops everywhere!


Want to save a little extra?! Ramadan is the best way to! Most flights and hotels offer a lower rate during the Ramadan season and most of Dubai’s Tourist attractions offer a reduced price or free entry ticket. You can also take advantage of the offers that restaurants and shopping malls offer as well! Sounds like heaven? You probably are right!

5. Explore the Market Culture in Dubai!


The best part about visiting Dubai during the last few days of Ramadan would be the incoming festivities from Eid! Take a trip to a large number of traditional markets of Dubai to experience a grand EID shopping adventure!  These streets although relatively less crowded, burst into life during the night. Dimly lit streets by traditional lamps, combined with the reflected light from the city skyscrapers, the streets are truly a beautiful place to be at. Make sure you check out the RAMADAN night market at Za’abeel hall for a unique experience!

Tips to remember during your visit


Avoid consumption of food in public: Dubai being an Islamic state, bans the consumption of food in public places during the holy month of Ramadan. However, designated restaurants will remain open discretely for individuals who aren’t fasting.

Smoking is banned:  Similar to food, smoking is also banned in public during this month. You should also take care to not chew gum as well while out in the public.

Dress appropriately: It is important that you respect the importance of Ramadan as a tourist and hence it is necessary to dress in a manner that covers your knees and shoulders while in public.

Consumption of Alcohol: Although bars stay open once the sun goes down and the fast is broken, they will tend to be quieter and less crowded.

Beware of the heat: The temperatures in Dubai tend to be on the higher side during summer and it is essential that you take care of yourself with sunscreen and apt clothing. So pack wisely! 

Top Dubai Attractions to visit during Ramadan

As we told you earlier, a grand advantage of Dubai during Ramadan is the grand discounts offered! Read ahead to spot the best attractions to visit during this time of culture and traditions! These are carefully picked for you, keeping in mind the cultural significance of Ramadan.

1. Burj Khalifa


The iconic structure of Dubai, Burj Khalifa stands tall with much lower crowds during the Ramadan duration. This building is so tall, that the sunset atop the top floors are 4-6 minutes after the city goes dark. Hence the Iftar celebrated atop the Burj Khalifa will be delayed by a few minutes compared to the rest of the city. Take a journey to the 125th floor of this skyscraper and capture this truly significant experience.

2. Etihad Museum & Al Shindagha Experience

The Etihad Museum and the newly opened Al Shindagha Museum will take you on a journey through time to discover the history and culture of this beautiful city. Be sure you take note of the Ramadan timings before you visit!  What better way to honor Ramadan than to spend a little while learning about the past!

3. Take a Day tour to Al Ain


Al Ain, an Emirate commonly known as the heritage city of UAE, is ideal to be visited during Ramadan. You can experience culture like never before and let yourself be immersed in the spirit of Ramadan. This day trip will let you travel to Al Ain from Dubai and end with dropping you off back in Dubai.

4. See the future and the past simultaneously atop the Dubai Frame

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The Dubai frame is one of the most cleverly planned structures in all of Dubai which symbolically commemorates its past and looks forward to the future. Atop this massive structure, you can see the framed view of the Dubai Creek (Older city center) on one side while you can witness the highly developed side of Dubai that includes the Dubai Marina and structures on the other side of the Frame. During Ramadan, Dubai frame also offers free entry to all visitors older than 65 and children below the age of three. Hurry! 

5. Visit the monuments of Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is another place that is a must to be visited while in the UAE. You can take a day trip here as well and visit some amazing monuments such as the Qasr Al Watan Palace and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. These places hold the spirit of Ramadan close to the core and we guarantee you that the experience you encounter will be nothing like you’ve known ever before.

While these places listed are the best, there are plenty more Dubai attractions you should pay a visit to during this season! Places like IMG world, Ferrari World, Warner Bros, and many more offer grandly discounted prices for Ramadan and it would be a huge miss if you did not take advantage of these! So what are you waiting for? Browse through some of the Best Dubai Packages and pick one that suits you best to go ahead and explore! Feed the urge in you to travel, seek the wonders of the world and Explore with #NOREGRETS! 

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