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Dubai’s Museum of Illusion Will Totally Bend Your Mind

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Illusion is the first of all pleasures

Oscar Wild

Are you ready to experience a bigger, better, more fascinating adventure? We’ve got something unique for you! If you love puzzles, you can step inside a room full of confusing installations. Love to be challenged? Brave the optical tunnel. Fancy a walk upside down? Walk on walls and ceilings if you like. Wait, there’s more – explore rooms that offer mind-bending challenges, and leave you visually amazed. Feel confident in the world that will definitely confuse you, but also educate you. Experience the modernly designed illusions at every corner as you step inside the famous  Museum of Illusions Dubai. This activity is going to play tricks with your mind, with most of your fundamental senses and stun you in the process.

The Museum of Illusions in Dubai takes you on an entertaining journey into unexplored illusions which delights all generations. A perfect place to experience something new, fun with friends or family, get the museum of illusions dubai tickets, because you know why? It’s not a place just for children, it’s open to all for some fun and to learn.

Do carry your camera – it’s part of this adventurous experience.

Why Should You Visit?

The first museum was launched in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015 before launching in nine other locations around the world and eventually making its way to Dubai. The exhibits are built with three categories – Master Illusions, Grand Illusions, and Optical Illusions.

Based on pure science and psychology, the optical illusions such as tilted rooms, specially commissioned holograms and a mirrored infinity room can be your next Instagram picture. The exhibits demonstrate how illusions play with your visual perception and logical understanding. Housing more than 70 exhibits, this museum just does not focus on the tricks, it also educates you about how optical illusions work. So, why not, go test your limits?

We take you to a preview of some of the exhibits at museum of illusions Dubai with Tripx Tours


Brave enough to jump into an illusion created by the Vortex Tunnel? This is  the first of its kind in the UAE and is designed to drive you crazy. As you step and move forward, it lets you believe that the ground is moving as you navigate through a rotating cylinder. 

museum of illusions rotating cylinder

Dine with yourself at the clone table or have your head on the platter, experience the illusions hidden behind these exhibits. We bet, this will not bore you. Instead, you will end up with either 5 copies of yourself sitting at the same table or have your head on a tray. This can be fun, isn’t it? 

clone table

A giant kaleidoscope, forget about those colourful papers and patterns when you can create a jolly pattern by yourself. Go and kaleidoscope-away!

giant kaleidoscope

Walk on walls in the Rotated Room, or resist the laws of gravity or perception. Experience all this while you take as many amazing pictures of yourself in every possible pose!

Walk on walls in the Rotated Room

Find a tiny you at the chair iIllusion as it lets you explore the laws of perception by playing with your sense of perspective. Don’t forget to take home a brilliant photo illusion of you.

chair iIllusion

Remember the laws of physics? Enter a room that masterfully defies that. We bet, you won’t be able to understand whether you are standing on flat ground or on a slanted surface.

Museum rooms

You’d never imagine the fun this attraction can offer if you miss it. Well worth a visit, everything else is fine, but with the museum of illusions Dubai you won’t believe your eyes. 

Museum Of Illusions Dubai Tickets

Enter a fascinating world of magic and tricks and experience the mind-blowing phenomenon of optical illusions with these tickets. The museum of illusions Dubai ticket price for adults is AED  63 and for children is AED 47. With this booking, you get access to enjoy an intriguing visual and educational adventure.

How To Book?

  1. Select the activity on our website.
  2. Make a purchase by clicking the ‘book now’ button 
  3. Once you have made a purchase, get instant confirmation on your bookings.
  4. Your voucher will be emailed to you within 20-45 minutes
  5. At the venue, please display the confirmed ticket on your mobile phone with a valid photo ID.
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