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A place like no other, Dubai is a land where nature meets innovation and together they thrive for the future. A man-made a paradise, this city is full of possibilities and endless discovery. If you want to truly feel what the miracles that this city holds are, you need to take a glance beneath its azure waters. The world that exists under the seas of Dubai is simply filled with natural wonders and mesmerizing sights. Wondering where the best spots are? Read ahead to take a virtual dive into the deep oceans of this land and be informed about where you need to go to experience what!

For the beginners in the world of Diving

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An experience like no other, scuba diving is a sport you should give a try at least once in a lifetime. However, it is completely normal if you feel scared or terrified during your first dive. In this bit of the blog, we will tell you about the easy ways you can start your diving journey and slowly get into the mode.


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A great way to start exploring the marine world, snorkeling gives you a sneak peek and motivates you to take the next step – scuba diving. Safe for adults of all ages, snorkeling simply lets you float on the surface with specialized goggles using which you can see a huge panorama of undersea life. While in Dubai, you can try the ultimate snorkel in Aquaventure for a fresh experience where you can sight plenty of marine activity authentic to Dubai while being in the safety of the vast tank. You can also experience several natural habitats for snorkeling as well.

Scuba Diving at Dubai Aquarium

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Want the best possible marine sightings in the safety of a closed area? Head over to Dubai Aquarium where you can try diving into the depths of this 10 million liter water world filled with amazing instances of ocean life. Discover Scuba Diving at Dubai Aquarium is an experience that is definite to fill your heart and get you into the spirit and joy of diving in open oceans. You can also take this experience to another level by opting for the PADI certification Scuba diving program held at the Dubai aquarium. PADI certificates hold high value in the world of diving and you can continue your education.

Scuba Diving in the open ocean

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If you are someone who is a little more adventurous and prefers the open ocean and its feel, you can still try a beginner’s course offered such as PADI Scuba Diving course Dubai which will facilitate you to dive expertly and safely in the ocean in depths as great as 12 meters. Explore the depths of the coral reefs of Dubai with experts in tow and at the end of the two-day course, you can take home a PADI certificate which will be recognized all over the world.

The Best Places to Scuba Dive in UAE

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Now that you know your options, let’s get into the various possibilities of diving sites in Dubai and discover the experiences they offer. Read ahead for more!

Jumeirah Beach

A beach that is always lovely and filled with a good crowd, The Jumeirah public beach is home to various water activities in Dubai. Take a dive in here to enjoy the underwater life and get a glimpse of some shipwrecks concealed beneath the ocean. You can also try some of the water activities offered here if you would prefer not to dive.

Sharm Rock

Are you someone who dives to witness the spectacular coral structures that exist in the waters of the gulf? If so doubt no more, head over to the Sharm rock where your vision will turn into hues of pink and purple the minute you immerse yourself into the depths. The coral reefs are vibrant and attract a lot of exotic fishes that you can observe and relish in.

Martini Rock

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Another must visit the natural diving site is the Martini rock. The vibrant aquatic fauna it holds is guaranteed to steal your breath away and make you watch in awe. Take a journey to this heavenly water and let yourself be lost in the infinite azure waters.

World Island Dive

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Have you visited one of the best attractions in Dubai yet? Head over to the Dubai World Islands to see archipelagos that mimic a world map, created on the surface of the ocean. You can dive in this area to witness an amazing cluster of small colonies of marine flora and fauna. The area is maintained in a manner that it encourages the growth of these environments and you can expect this site to be truly worth the trouble as it is said to soon grow to be one of the best places for scuba diving in the UAE.


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If you want your diving experience to be truly unique, head over to one of the best-loved diving sites of this country – Zainab. This area of the ocean is famous due to a huge oil spill that had occurred here which caused the ship to sink and settle on the sea bed. They say a single dive in this area would not do justice and hence you can plan to dive here for a couple of days or so to cover the large area. A cozy home to an assortment of marine species, mainly the yellow barracuda, the area is truly breath-taking and one of the Top attractions of underwater Dubai.

Cement Barge

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If you are a beginner to the world of diving, check out Cement Barge in Dubai. This site has a depth of just 5 meters to 20 and hence it will be a perfect start to dive solo or with your coach. You can also explore the experience of snorkeling and night diving here as well! Make sure to keep this diving site on your list of things to do in UAE!

Sheikh Mohammed’s Barge

Dubai is a land with a vision for the future. Its current development into a majestic city from a fishing village in the middle of a desert is proof for this fact. One of the many sites created in Dubai out of sinking ships and barges, Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge holds a depth range of 18-23 meters and is an area that requires at least two dives to completely cover. The coral growth here is breath-taking and hence it is a grand idea to plan your dive here.

We hope we have created enough curiosity in you to plan a dive in Dubai with this read! Book the best Dubai Attractions ahead to ensure you get a hassle-free travel experience. You can browse through some of the Best Dubai packages offered to ensure you find the perfect one that suits every need of yours. They say travel is the only way to love. So keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS!

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