Different Types of Travel Documents


If you’re not practiced at international travel, then you may be completely unfamiliar with the different kinds of documents that are required. This can be especially intimidating if you’re trying to plan a family vacation, or a special getaway. There are places all over the world that many people dream of visiting. One of the most popular destinations is located in Dubai. This beautifully cultural City has the best of everything. They offer world-class museums, high-tech aquariums, and the largest skyscraper ever built.

You can enjoy The Nightlife at a famous club one day, and then go on a safari Adventure the very next day. Dubai is also an excellent stopover for trips that span several countries. Whether you’re traveling here or plan on traveling somewhere else, you always need to make sure to have the proper documentation. You can have everything else planned perfectly, but one wrong document can completely ruin your chances of visiting anywhere.

Many people think that a passport or a Visa is all they’re going to need. What they fail to realize is that there are several different kinds of both of these. It’s always a good idea to contact a travel agency who specializes in visiting the areas that you’re interested in. They can give you a basic overview of exactly what you’re going to need. There are also times when your passport or your Visa has to be renewed within a certain amount of time. It may still be valid, but the country may not let you in if it is too old. These are the kinds of details that you really need help figuring out.

The reason for your trip will also help to determine the kinds of documentation that you need. If you’re just taking a short vacation, then you probably won’t need quite as much as someone who plans on living there temporarily. In some cases, you can be arrested for overstaying your approved time in a country. Whether you’re looking for a tourist visa for Dubai, or a work visa for surrounding areas, these are just a few of the documents to keep in mind:


A Visa is a document that verifies your identity and grants you permission to fulfill some purpose in a foreign country. There are tourist visas that allow you to be there for a specified amount of time visiting certain places. Then, there are Transit visas that allow you to quickly travel through a country. There are also work visas, and others that allow a more permanent stay. These are not a substitute for citizenship, and doing anything that violates the Visa can land you in a jail in a foreign country. It’s very important to renew your visa, and to always abide by the terms and conditions.


This is an important document that lets people know your country of origin, and your personal information. A passport can be used to document all the different places that you’ve traveled, and can’t allow you entry into certain countries. It works to verify your identity, and can be used in conjunction with other documents to achieve a more permanent status or lengthier stay in a foreign country. It’s always very important to keep your passport up-to-date, and to renew it frequently.

Permanent Resident Card

This card allows you to prove that you are a citizen or resident of a specific country. This can prevent deportation in certain cases when you may have been born a different nationality. Having a permanent resident card doesn’t necessarily grant you all of the rights of that country’s native citizens, but it does allow you to stay there.

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