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The world is simply filled with infinite travel itineraries and possibilities. If you have chosen to travel during the month of March, there will be several questions in your mind about where you should head to. Worry no more, as this blog will be everything you will need to plan your next destination and proceed to travel without the hassle! The first question that usually pops up in your mind when you plan a trip would be the weather. March is a pleasant time period for most countries with the receding winters and the start of a pleasant spring.

This Blog has a few carefully selected countries that will have the most to offer during the happy month of March. Read ahead to know a preview of what each amazing destination has to offer to make your vacation perfect!

1.  Malaysia, the futuristic city

A land that is equally interesting in terms of its majestic architecture as well as its rich flora and fauna, Malaysia stays true to its slogan – Truly Asia. You can pay a visit to the several pristine beaches, shopping destinations and unwind in some luxury resorts and stays. Take a visit to Langkawi Island if you are a thalassophile. You can also explore the several hiking paths here. During the month of March, precipitation is at its lowest in this land and hence you can make the most of your trip by visiting all of its best attractions comfortably.

Make sure you spend enough time in Kuala Lumpur and explore its structures such as the Petronas Twin tower. If you plan your holiday tour package well enough, you can come back with a perfectly relaxed vacation that will let you relax immensely and come back refreshed.

2.  Dubai, the land where dreams come true

A city with unlimited activities you can indulge in, Dubai is a perfect destination during the month of March. With climates as pleasant as it can get, we assure you will forget the fact that you are on a visit to a country that is also a desert. One of the many facts that let Dubai stay unique is the way it has something to offer to every kind of traveler. Be it for an adrenaline junkie, a regular tourist, or a family on vacation, Dubai is bound to have something perfectly suited for them.

Ensure you do not miss out on the best Dubai attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari and so on. You can also explore the older Dubai at places like Bastakia and feel yourself immerse in the story of this city. Another grand advantage of Dubai is infinite shopping opportunities. So if you are a shopping enthusiast, do not miss a visit to Dubai during March!

3.  U.S.A | The United States of America

Another great destination that is best suited for the month of March, U.S.A is a beautiful & diverse destination that has a lot to offer to travelers from around the globe. During March, U.S.A. experiences a pleasant spring and trees everywhere start to grow fresh sprouts of greenery and flowers. As this country/ continent is as vast as it can get, it will be impossible to visit even half of it on a short vacation. However, you can try visiting its prime places like New York, California, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even Hawaii!

If you want a perfectly summery feel, make sure you place Miami in your list, as this touristic destination has an average temperature of 27 degree Celsius during the month of March. Another place that thrives in March in Santa Barbara. If you are lucky, you may be able to witness a whale on this state’s coast during this month! If you like rodeo shows, Houston is the destination to be at during March!

4.  Iceland, The land of Northern Lights

A country that was formed from volcanic eruptions over time and remains covered in ice for most of the year, Iceland is truly a land of Ice and fire. This country was once home to the majestic Vikings and you can still see remnants respecting this heritage throughout their capital city – Reykjavik. You may be wondering why a country that experiences winter has been chosen for this list. This is due to the rare opportunity that Iceland offers during the month of March – a chance to sight the aurora borealis or northern lights without having to face extreme winters.

During the month of March, the climate temperatures hover above negative 5 degrees and are not scorching cold while the northern lights stay visible along the skies. You can also explore the geothermal springs and volcanoes in this land while you visit. It is definite that a trip to Iceland will leave you speechless and breathless!

5.  Ireland & St Patrick’s Day

A country with an everlasting charm, Ireland is a must-visit if you like the combination of history with greenery. During March falls the St Patrick’s Day celebrations which are one of the most popular events of Ireland. Visit Dublin to indulge in an array of color and activity and make sure you give the famous craic a try!

The spirit of Patrick’s Day is often expressed in several manners but the fact remains that it is a family festival and rest assured, it is bound to have something to keep everyone interested. Explore the food fairs, abundant local music and dance, craft stalls and much more during your trip to Ireland in the month of March!

6.  Jamaica, the perfect destination for fly and flop holidays!

Looking forward to a vacation filled with beaches, sunshine and unlimited fun? Plan a trip to Jamaica! This country experiences a fabulous average temperature of 29 degrees during the month of March and is definitely every thalassophile’s paradise!

This fun-loving Caribbean Island is also blessed with colorful shops, lifestyle, and facilities to suit every kind of traveler and budget. The nightlife is also entertaining and alive in here, giving you the perfect setting for a holiday. Make sure you also explore some of its lush forests and hidden gorgeous waterfalls which can be found during long hikes through the land.

7.  The Czech Republic, the land of stories

A place that can be known as an unexplored gem hidden from the world, the Czech Republic is gaining touristic attention in recent times. A place that is known for its ornate castles, long history, and native beers, a vacation here is bound to be interesting and soul-stirring. Take a walk along the streets of Prague and you may feel like you stepped into a scene right out of a medieval movie. The cobbled streets, monuments, and architecture will make this all the more believable.

Czech experiences pleasant springs during the month of March and the crowds are also not overflowing, making this the perfect season to visit this beautiful country. While every season holds something unique in Czech, a trip in March will inspire you beyond doubt.

We hope we have filled your imagination to the brim with a collection of possible travel itineraries. It is important that you spend time researching Holiday tours and packages to decide what suits you best to travel hassle free! Keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS!

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