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As April starts with a spark, countries around the world welcome the most pleasant seasons of the year! While the northern hemisphere sees its snow melt away and life grow out of the ground as spring arrives, the southern hemisphere feels the heat of the sun fade as the beautiful autumn approaches. What better season to travel than April?! Perfect days in April are not a myth. Every destination glows with a certain kind of beauty, some more than others. April is the month where you can visit all kinds of theme parks without worry and indulge in everything outdoorsy.

Confused where to head to? Worry no more, as we have the list of perfect places you can travel to during this beautiful month. This is a time that is simply perfect to discover new destinations and witness some amazing landscapes. Read on to make up your mind and plan the perfect getaway plan!

1. Switzerland

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A dreamlike destination for many, Switzerland is best visited during the month of April. The cold is bearable and the snow can still be found lingering on the treetops and mountain peaks. These specks of white and green along the grand stretch of the landscape is definite to take your breath away. If you are someone who is keen on skiing, the trails are perfect at this time and you can speed along the picturesque terrain. Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in April, Switzerland is a promise of a vacation like none other.

2. Italy

Source: yifei chen via unsplash

Another place that turns itself into a dream in April, a visit to Italy during this month will be worth every penny spent. With Easter approaching close, tourists begin to flock into the city as well and hence if you love a good crowd, this season is all the merrier. Be sure to pay a visit to the city of Vatican while you’re in Italy as Easter is celebrated with much pomp and joy in here.

Enjoy the pleasant weather and make time to take long walks along the cobblestone paved streets and Piazzas. Relish the authentic thin crust pizza from the roadside shops and feel the flavours explode in your mouth. This ancient city is filled with possibilities that are waiting to be explored.

3. France

Source: willian west via unsplash

A country that is rightly called the city of lights and romance, France is undoubtedly the dream destination of many across the world. Be it a tourist in search of history, culture, architecture or beauty, France is definite to satisfy every quench for adventure. During April, France enjoys a pleasant spring with temperatures ranging from 9 to 12 degrees with low rates of rainfall as well.

A vacation in France during April comes with a promise of lush greenery, great street music, vibrant spirits and charm.  While you vacation in this grand country, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Louvre museum, Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel tower in addition to all the local wonders this land offers.

4. Netherlands

Source: vincent versluis via unsplash

A country unlike every other, Netherlands is the land of canal networks. You can ride through the heart of the country in a houseboat and feel truly at home in this land. Be sure to pay a visit to some of the endless tulip gardens, windmills and art museums located here as well. This is a country with some of the friendliest people in the world and often is described to be bursting with culture, life and cheer. In the month of April, Netherlands experiences spring with an average temperature of 12 degree Celsius. The highlight of visiting during April would be the fact that you will get to witness the famous Tulip Festival Amsterdam, the Gold cycle race and the King’s Day celebrations.

5. Turkey

Source: adli wahid via unsplash

A land filled with architectural wonders and history, Turkey is a destination like none else. This coveted tourist destination also draws foodies from all over the world to try its versatile and unique cuisine. This Ottoman Empire comes to life during the month of April with the temperature at an average of 16 degree throughout the day. Another reason to visit Turkey in this fabulous month would be the Tulip festival in Ankara and Javelin Games in Erzurum.

Ensure you pay tribute to the world famous Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Bosphorus strait. This is also a great place for shopping as you can find plenty of Bazaars across town for silverware, jewellery, silverware, linens and spices.

6. Greece

Source: tom grimbert via unsplash

What better place to visit in Europe this spring than the cradle of western civilization – GREECE! This magnificent land consists of a number of islands spread across the azure oceans around the mainland. The image of Greece to a traveller would be a simply combination of white and blue. This is due to the combination of the sparkling white buildings in the land with the color of the seas.

During April, Greece experiences warm temperatures that go upto 20 degree Celsius and low amounts of precipitation. Grab the chance to witness festivals such as Easter April Fool’s day being celebrated in the capital, during this joyful season.

7. Japan

Source: manuel cosentino via unsplash

A beautiful marvel of nature and development combined, Japan is one of the best places to be at during the month of April. This holiday spot undergoes a brilliant burst of spring colors during April which makes tourists from all over the world flock here. The temperature here ranges between 5 to 13 degree Celsius making it the perfect time to enjoy the cold and relish the sights. Brace yourself to be rendered speechless by the cherry blossom and amazing vistas of pinks and whites that are spread around even the busiest cities.

We hope we have filled your minds with enough travel plans to pack your bags already as we head into the beautiful month of April! Explore the earth and its beautiful wonders around as travel is the only way you can live life to its fullest! Keep discovering new places and experiences and continue to travel with #NOREGRETS!

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