Burj Khalifa – Immense Peak of Luxury!


Burj Khalifa means the Khalifa Tower in Arabic. Known as the Burj Dubai before the inauguration, the Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world located in Dubai, UAE. This tallest structure was opened in 2010 as a part of the Downtown Dubai development.

Burj Khalifa – Components:

Burj Khalifa Armani Meal

Burj Khalifa is a multi-purpose tower that consists of all kinds of luxuries. The tallest tower, as it is known widely, compiles houses, corporate offices, and hotels. This is one of the best tourist locales for the visitors visiting Dubai.

Burj Khalifa – Attractions:

burj khalifa, Dubai Fountain

The entrance of the tower has a fountain system that is named as the Dubai Fountain. This is no ordinary fountain, as it was designed for a cost of about US$220 million. It is illuminated using more than 6000 lights, and 50 colored projectors. The length of the fountain is about 1000 feet, and it shoots out water for a range of 500 feet into the air. The fountain is also musical, and plays a range of Arabic classical or contemporary, to world music.

There is an observation deck, from which the view of Dubai is simply amazing. Burj Khalifa has the world’s swiftest lift, which takes you to different floors within seconds. The Burj Khalifa has a total of 163 floors. Burj Khalifa is a combination of visionary ideals and solid science. The floor to ceiling glass walls in the lift give a great view of the city, desert as well as the ocean. There are many tour packages that have deals with Burj Khalifa tickets offer, which would help you to view the city from the top. Not just these, there are a lot of shops that would have unique souvenirs, which you can pick for your friends and family back as a gift from Dubai.

The architectural beauty of Burj Khalifa:

Burj khalifa Dubai

Having record as the world’s tallest structure, Burj Khalifa was built after various wind tunnel tests, to check the strength of the building. The interiors of Burk Khalifa were widely inspired by the local culture, but also feature designs that embellish the structure as a global icon. The structure features glass, stainless steel, polished dark stones, silver travertine flooring, handmade rugs, and different types of stone and so on. Along with the exotic materials used, there are a lot of art pieces that were flown from various places, especially ones depicted by prominent Middle Eastern and international artists. Since Burj Khalifa is a symbol of international collaboration, the art pieces link various cultures and communities.

Structural elements of Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa view

Burj Khalifa is a combination of technology and innovation. This duo has resulted in a robust yet elegant structure, which is one of the best tourist spots all over the world. The structural elements of Burj Khalifa have resulted in a superstructure that is known as the world’s tallest one!

The important elements are:

  • The superstructure is supported by a reinforced concrete mat, which is supported by reinforced concrete piles. The design is based on a lot of seismic studies to support the building.
  • This podium is an important part of the building, and it is base anchoring the tower to the ground.
  • The exterior cladding is composed of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Apart from that, mechanical floors, window washing bays, broadcast and communication floors and the like are additional elements to Burj Khalifa.

If you are interested in watching Dubai, and its beauty, opt for Burj Khalifa tickets offer. This gives you an immense opportunity to enjoy and have a wonderful tour. What else are you waiting for? Go and grab your ticket to Dubai now!

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Why Visit Dubai?


When work gets too overbearing and life too overwhelming, all we want to do is catch a break and relax. Going on a holiday does not mean running away from responsibilities, it just rejuvenating and refreshing oneself to deal in better way with the tasks awaiting us.

If you are looking to rejuvenate and enliven your senses, you should pay a visit to Dubai. It is the ultimate holiday destination, irrespective of your age group. Everyone will find something here that they can indulge in and enjoy. It is known to the world as the shopper’s paradise; Dubai, however, is so much more than that.

Thronged by tourists all year around, Dubai has an irresistible appeal. Out of the tourists visiting each season, about three quarters come back for a revisit and then again, to enjoy its many delights! There are only a handful places in the world that can boast to be the wholesome treat for tourists – Dubai is one such place. There are cheap vacation packages to Dubai from every major city in the world. Even if there are no direct connectivity flights, you will find easy travel routes to Dubai with a bit of a research. If you are planning a trip to the jewel of the UAE, book the services of a good tour operator who can manage and organise everything before the actual visit.

When on a holiday, one either wants to live grandly or adjust on the stay and tour wildly. Howsoever your wish, Dubai has all kinds of accommodation to offer. Irrespective of your country of origin and nationality, you can get a Dubai tourist Visa without any hassles, if you opt for a good travel company. You will find licensed and professional visa services online. If you are visiting during the peak tourist season, it is advisable that you book beforehand – do not let the best accommodation slip out of your hands.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai is a culturally and historically relevant hub in the middle east. Besides, it is the emerging hub for businesses. Every major company in the world has a branch in Dubai. Whether you are visiting for personal reasons or professional, the hospitality and warmth of Dubai is sure to ensnare your heart and mind. You can find grand seven star hotels here, three star accommodations as well, house hotels, suites, dorm rooms and so on. One can book a condo or a service apartment too, for the duration of their stay in Dubai.

In this jewel of the UAE, the sight-seeing parts of Dubai are many. There is the tall Burj Khalifa, the pristine and wonderful Palm Jumeriah, the various mosque all over town, the shopping paradise, the food festivals, the coast line, the desert safaris, the water sports and so on. The phrase ‘In Rome, do as Romans do’, applies to Dubai as well. Talk to your coach or travel agent about norms and acceptable gestures in Dubai. You would not want to insult the locals unintentionally, would you? Hence, it is better to be aware and careful.

To have a smooth and peaceful holiday is one of the biggest achievements in the world. Hence opt for professional visa services, and plan your travel only through a good tour operator. Avail great discounts, deals and choose from a variety of accommodation in Dubai. There are people in Dubai who host house guests too and they can also be contacted online for a pleasant and wholesome stay in this beautiful place. Typically, being a tourist nation, Dubai has hospitable people and a generally friendly atmosphere. If you are facing a problem, you can approach the hotel authorities as well as the local. They will surely extend help and assistance to you in the best possible way. Dubai is a must visit place in a traveller’s bucket list. Book your hotel now!

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How To Apply For A Visa To Enter Dubai

Enter Dubai

Does a vacation to Dubai excite you? If so, Visit Dubai may or may not have different rules and regulations compared to other famous cities from other countries. There are citizens from currently over 45 countries that are eligible for visas into UAE.

There are many different visas that can be issued to you, but the visa you end up getting will be determined after answering multiple different questions, such as:

“Is your visit to the United Arab Emirates for business or pleasure?”
“How long are you intending to stay in the United Arab Emirates?”
And “What is your nationality?”

If you are a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, you can enter Dubai with just an ID card or passport. If you are not a member, proceed onwards to check how to become eligible for entry into Dubai.

For citizens that live in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

You can obtain a 90 days visit visa for UAE. Citizens of the countries mentioned above can receive their visa and stay in Dubai and other regions of the United Arab Emirates for 90 days, starting with when they first enter the UAE. The passports that citizens carry should be normal passports and must be valid for six months or more. These visas cannot be renewed. The 90-day visa must be used within 180 days from the day that it is issued to the citizen before the visa expires.

For example, if you receive your 90 days visit visa for UAE on February 1, 2018, you have until May 2nd, 2018 to go to the UAE to use it. Even if you use the visa a few days before it is set to expire, the 90 days on it will still be honored.

For citizens that live in the following countries:

Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Honk Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, The Vatican, United Kingdom, United States of America.

You can obtain a 30 days visit visa for UAE. Citizens of the countries mentioned above can only receive their visa and stay in Dubai and other regions of the United Arab Emirates for 30 days, opposed to 90, starting with when they first enter the UAE. The passports that citizens of these countries are holding should be normal passports and also must be valid for six months or more. Unlike the visas that are issued to citizens of most European countries, the visa will be activated the moment it is received and the days will be recorded regardless if the visa holder is inside the UAE or not. These visas can, however, be extended to 60 days, and the visa can allow re-entry into the country for as long as it is still activated.

To prepare for your trip to Dubai, plan accordingly, depending on the country you live in and the type of visa that you are issued. If you are eligible for a 90 day visit visa, plan your visit a couple of months in advance and purchase your visa in the near future. If you are only eligible for a 30 day visit visa, time your purchase and visit properly in order to maximize the visa’s usage. Purchase the visa at a time in which you will receive it shortly before you plan to leave for Dubai.

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Ferrari world

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the top tourist destination attractions during their Dubai trip. According to recent statistics, 70% of tourists who travel to Dubai for vacation are said to spend some of their time at the Ferrari World.

Are you an avid traveller and looking for ways you can lift your spirits when you are on a trip to the city of Dubai? You definitely have to look at the Ferrari World and ways it can add to the excitement of your trip. In order to enjoy a holiday that will encompass different elements, visiting the Ferrari world is a great idea which will make your trip unique. In case you are wondering what the Ferrari World entails, it just but a magnificent theme park which was constructed by one of the largest manufacturing automobile companies. Your dream of enjoying an adventurous trip will always get impetus by including this location in your places to visit during your trip to the city of Dubai which is considered to be one of the finest cosmopolitan cities in the world.
Below are five important reasons why you should consider visiting the Ferrari World during your trip to Dubai.

1. Enjoy the Racing Simulator

racing simulator- Ferrari world

You can always visit ALTDUBAI in order to find out more concerning the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Here you can look for packages and Ferrari world ticket deals which will include visiting this theme park. You can decide to enjoy your time with your friends or go for a solo trip. For example, if you decide to go for the Scuderia challenge, you will get to experience different levels of realism which is exciting. You can also decide to boost your senses by using this fun filled racing competition whenever you visit Dubai city.

2. Get a Chance to Enjoy the Roller Coaster Ride

Rollers Coaster at Ferrari World

Taking your kids to a trip to Dubai will be worth the money you invest since your kids will get the rare opportunity of enjoying one of the world’s fastest roller coaster rides at the Ferrari World. The ride will begin with the help of hydraulic launch which will resonate with the speed of the planes which takes off from the carriers of the aircraft.

3. Enjoy the ever Exciting Race

Exciting Race in ferrari world

Do you like the idea of racing with your family and friends? All you are required to do is just jump on the Fiorano Challenge bandwagon and get a chance to feel the amazing experience of taking part in one of the greatest racing competitions in the world. Right from the starting point to the twists and turns which takes place at the competition, it is just like passing through a cool breeze which will guarantee you a lifetime experience.

Knowing the technology that lies behind this challenging race will add to the enjoyment and can make your trip more satisfying.

4. Kids on the Wheels

Ferrari World

Taking your kids for a trip to Dubai will never be complete without taking a tour to the Ferrari World. Not only will the adults enjoy visiting this theme park but your kids will always enjoy it since it is considered to be one of the greatest locations to visit in the city. The driving school experts found at the Ferrari World will always be ready to help the kids have a great time since they always provide them with a wonderful opportunity that will help them learn the driving techniques.

5. Enjoy the 4-D Fantasy Journey

Ferrari World + Yas Water World

You will be able to go where no Ferrari has ever gone before by having some time on the world’s most sophisticated simulators. Nello, a little driver will be able to take you on a trip via the 4-D fantasy dreamscape venturing into the ocean depths and flying along the cliffs. You can feel the cold of ice caves or heat of the jungle whenever the temperatures shift, lights change and moisture feels the air.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Opening timing & Location

1. Opening timings

Sun – Wed: 11:00 Am to 8:00 Pm

Thru -Sat: 11:00 Am to 10:00 Pm

2. Location

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Why you should stay and enjoy Dubai in between Flights


Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the whole world. If you are traveling across the globe and need to make a stopover for some period of time, you might have to stay in Dubai for a night. If you cannot book a flight from your country to your destination country, you can fly to Dubai, where you can take another flight to that country from there.

To be allowed to make a stopover in Dubai, you need to book Dubai stopover packages. From there, the Dubai International Airport will handle everything. A stopover package pays for a meet and greet, 24-hour check ins, tours, and other activities. After paying for your flight ticket, you can order Dubai stopover packages online to include your stopover. You will not be able to make this change, however, when it is less than 48 hours before you are scheduled to take off.

For travelers in most countries, a visit visa may be required in order to visit Dubai. A 30 day visa will be given to you for free. You can also pre-apply for a visit visa online, but you would also need to additionally apply for what is known as a 96-hour transit visa.

Even if your stopover lasts for only a few hours before making it to your next flight, getting out of the airport to explore the city of Dubai is well worth it. For one, you will enjoy getting up, walking around, and enjoying the fresh air after several hours of being on a plane. In the time you are sitting at the airport for several hours more, you can get a taste of what Dubai has to offer, and it will not take much time at all.

From Dubai International Airport, you will travel anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to get to most parts of the city. Getting to downtown Dubai or old Dubai will take roughly around 15 minutes if you ride in a car or taxi. Some top attractions you can visit within this proximity are the Dubai Mall, Dubai Water Canal, and the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Marina and Kite Beach will take about a half hour to get to. Dubai International Airport is conveniently located in the heart of the city, so no matter where you are in Dubai, traveling to return to the airport will not take long, and the chances of you getting lost are slim.

The Dubai Metro is one of the cheapest methods of getting around Dubai. The Dubai Metro is in service for 18 hours a day, and a train arrives to each station every 10 minutes, so you should not be in any hurry to catch the next train or wait that long for it to arrive. You can purchase transport cards at these stations.

If you need to stay overnight in Dubai, there are a handful of hotels to stay in that are both affordable and inviting. Checking into a hotel in downtown Dubai will give you some time to explore the area on foot before returning and getting to sleep for the night.

And of course, do not worry about any possible language barriers, as English is a common language spoken among the city’s population.

Dubai is a wonderful city to explore, even if you are just stopping over for a period of time in between two other countries. If you enjoy your brief time in this city, perhaps you can consider returning for a longer time for a vacation in the near future.

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Exploring the Atlantis Resort in Dubai


Dubai City Tour

Dubai has quickly become a city that people don’t want to pass up. It’s become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire world, and continues to Delight Travelers with a huge array of different attractions. This is home to some of the most highly rated resorts and cultural centers anywhere. There’s really something here that can appeal to everybody. Whether your taste runs to the five-star high class, or you’d rather go on a desert Safari, there are ways to experience it.

People from all over the world enjoy Unforgettable resorts and exciting Adventures. Fortunately, there are websites that can design entire tour packages based on your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a vacation that’s a bit more relaxed, or you want something that keeps you on the go, there are options that will appeal to you.

One of the more popular options for vacationing in Dubai is a stay at the famous Atlantis Resort. There are tour packages that revolve around this experience, and allow you to see glimpses of the best that this city has to offer. You’ll get to see the tallest building in the world up close and personal while still enjoying some relaxing time in the Sun. This is one Resort that was created with people of all ages in mind. There is a water park where you can enjoy time with your family, and spa packages that allow you to get away and just relax.

Atlantic the Palm Fireworks

The Atlantis Resort was one of the first to be built in this city. It’s maintained its five-star rating with it’s incredible attention to detail and luxurious accommodations. The water park is one of a kind, and draws people from all over the world. They also offer dolphin experiences, and other ways to interact with the surrounding marine life. Ask about this when booking Dubai packages with Atlantis. This is an experience that is completely unique to this particular part of the world. The Atlantis resort on the Palms in Dubai is, quite frankly, one of the best places to stay anywhere.

The resort also offers several different activities that can appeal to even the pickiest of guests. There are luxurious cruises that allow you to see the city from a whole different angle. The dining facilities are world-class, and they boast a restaurant owned by world famous chef, Gordon Ramsay. There are also incredibly romantic accommodations that were created specifically for couples. There are Spa Retreats that allow people to be pampered and attended too while still spending time together. High-class dining rooms provide the perfect backdrop for an evening together.

If you are looking for something livelier, the N’dulge Nightclub isn’t far. This is one of the most sought after clubbing experiences anywhere. N’dulge has made a name for itself all over the world as one of the trendiest and most entertaining places to dance the night away. The resort also provides a myriad of services for children. You can call and set up an in-room babysitter who is trained in everything they’ll need to know to safely care for your little one. Then, you can go and have a guilt-free evening knowing that your children are safe and sound in the room. Don’t forget to inquire about the Atlantis kid’s club for a place where children can get the most out of their stay.

Then, you can recover from a night spent partying on one of the beaches. The resort can also arrange for helicopter rides, special shopping excursions, and almost anything else that you can imagine. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be rivaled anywhere else, this is probably the place for you!

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How To Ride A Camel In Dubai For The First Time

Ride A Camel

If you are planning a trip to go to Dubai, one of the activities you should be looking forward to is going on a camel ride in the desert. The one-humped camel may not be around in your country, so you might have likely never rode one or even seen one in person before.

Understandably so, some people still have worries about riding an animal that is foreign to them. In this article, we will explain how to properly ride a camel, so that you can pick up some knowledge about riding camels as you fulfill your Dubai shopping festival packages.

Every camel rider must wear long pants and long socks as they mount the camel. A camel’s gait, while it walks, will cause its rough hair to brush up and down against your legs, and your legs may get scratched up if exposed. Other articles of clothing that are highly recommended are a hat and sunglasses, and a long scarf or bandana, for protection against the sun and dust storms, respectively.

Most camel riding guides will command the camel to sit before getting on it, so that it is easier for you to mount. When you proceed to get on a camel, approach the camel from its side, slowly and calmly. Unless you try to mount the camel in a hastened manner, it will for the most part be subordinate.

Mounting a camel is the hardest part about riding it. Mounting saddles from camels usually include one stirrup on each side of the camel. As you get on the camel’s hump, step on the stirrup and quickly throw your other leg over to the other side of the camel. Straddle the camel so you can gain and maintain a good balance on its hump. If there is a handle on the front side of the saddle, hold on to that during the mount as well.

Camels stand up with their hind legs first. Once the camel starts to stand, lean back, so you do not risk hitting your face into the back of its neck. Once its hind legs are standing, it will get up with its front legs. Slowly start to lean forward so that as it gets on all fours, you will be perfectly upright.

While straddling the camel may seem more traditional or natural, you can cross your legs, as if you were sitting on a park bench. Riders who cross their legs will be more comfortable. Crossing legs will also shift your body weight from your tailbone, which could be resting against the camel’s hump. If you are more comfortable with your legs straddling the camel, that is okay, too, albeit not recommended for longer camel rides.

When a camel walks, it sways in an odd pattern. Do not try to straighten the camel’s walk in any way, instead, allow your body to motion back and forth. If you are in possession of any electronics or valuables, be sure that they are well secured on you so they do not have the chance to fall out of any coat or pants pockets.

From there, you can simply relax and make the most out of a fun and exciting camel ride. When fulfilling your Dubai shopping festival packages, you would like a nice break from all the shopping, so consider going on a camel ride with what you know now.

In some ways, they are like riding a horse, and in other ways, they are better than riding a horse. Camels are more docile than some of the most trained and disciplined horses and mules.

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Building the Burj Khalifa, The Birth of an Architectural Legend

Building the Burj Khalifa

History of Burj Khalifa 

Dubai Fountain Lake

The decision to design and construct Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world wasn’t a difficult one for the UAE government. In 2004, the construction of the world famous Burj Khalifa was started when a decision was made to start diversifying the economy. They wanted to get away from their strict affiliation with oil, and to create a place that really showcased the beauty and culture of the UAE. The Burj Khalifa, initially named the Dubai Khalifa, was to be the centerpiece for a new construction project. This project would introduce the Downtown Dubai concept to the rest of the world. The government hoped to turn Dubai into a center for tourism by introducing this architectural marvel along with nine hotels, over 30,000 homes, and entire areas dedicated to beauty and recreation.

The Burj Khalifa required an entire team of architects and engineers to come up with a design that was both striking, and kept with traditional designs in the area. The building was created using reinforced steel, concrete, and the most durable materials available. Construction progressed quickly, and the tower was growing at a rapid pace. The tallest cranes ever used were brought in to continue moving materials to the top in order to maintain the building pace. After a while, even these cranes could not move the materials high enough to reach the workers. It was decided that large balconies be built, allowing cranes to be elevated in order to reach the rising top of the tower.

It was successfully completed in 2010, and was soon evaluated and named the tallest structure in the entire world. The Burj Khalifa reaches 828 meters into the sky- slightly over a mile! This is nearly three Eiffel Towers stacked atop one another, and is difficult to imagine until you’re standing before it. The tower is open to the public, but it’s a better idea to purchase Burj Khalifa tickets online. You’ll get the best rates and skip the lines by purchasing online ahead of time.

The mega-skyscraper has a huge array of attractions that can be enjoyed by its visitors. There are hundreds of hotel rooms and apartments available on the lower decks. It also offers a world-class gym and spa with amenities that can rival the most luxurious hotels in the world. As you travel further up the tower, you’ll find five-star accommodations for those who simply want to visit.

The observation decks are a far cry from what many people expect. They are designed to be as much of an attraction as the exterior of the building, and each one is unique. The interior is a place where new-age technology meets traditional architecture and bold design. There’s nowhere else like it in the world, and it truly is the crown-jewel of Dubai.

At.mosphere, located on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa, is considered one of the best places to eat in Dubai. It provides diners with a once in a lifetime eating experience that takes five-star dining to new heights. This is the tallest restaurant in the world, and definitely requires some forethought. Make sure that you call ahead of time for reservations, and that you have deep pockets! The food is exquisite, the surroundings unique, and the experience is unparalleled by any other eatery in the world.

The Burj Khalifa is enough of a reason to visit Dubai, but it is also surrounded by world-class attractions that everyone can enjoy. Aquariums, resorts, and beautiful beaches have made this area one of the most popular tourist spots anywhere. One look at the skyline, and anyone can see why!

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Dhow Cruise: Enjoy a Restaurant on the boat in Dubai Marina


A dhow cruise in the city of Dubai has so much to offer. Riding in a dhow is a calm, relaxing experience that could be a much-needed break from all the hustle and bustle from touring the big city of Dubai. A dhow is a vessel made of wood that was primarily used for two occasions: transporting goods from one body of land to another, and for deep sea divers to dive from in search of pearls.

Dhow Crusie in dubai

Can you imagine the experience of a fine dining establishment on a boat? As time went on and Dubai’s culture changed, entrepreneurs began to make and repurpose the dhow into a traveling restaurant. There are even dhows that are luxury grade to offer tourists the grandest of voyages on the Persian Gulf, in addition to providing them with food and entertainment. A dhow is big enough for dozens of guests to eat, dance, party, and look at surroundings on the deck.

From only a few dhows in the 90s, there are nearly 40 dhows in service among Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. A dhow is a fine way to spend a day or even an evening. Find out more on dhow cruise online booking to have a dinner on the water.

A dhow dinner cruise has so many advantages over an ordinary dinner in Dubai. First of all, you are enjoying a meal on a body of water, so as you are situated at your table, you can feel the rocking of gentle waves as the dhow moves from one location to the next. Hearing the tides crash into the dhow are relaxing and are pleasant to hear during silent moments.

Some dhows also offer upper deck eating. If you prefer that you want to eat without a roof, you can do that, as most restaurants do not offer outdoor eating areas. Enjoy your meal under the night’s sky, bask in the fresh air and lovely winds, and listen to pleasant outdoor ambiance. You have the chance to count stars, look at brightly lit Dubai buildings, and have a fun evening. You will want to bring a camera or a smartphone to take pictures of the breathtaking environment. As far as the lower deck is concerned, you can enjoy your meal in an air-conditioned room with beautiful and cultural decor.

Dhow Cruise

You may live in a country where you can eat a meal on a yacht or cruise line, but nothing beats that quality fine dining experience like a dhow cruise in Dubai. Dhow cruise online booking can lead you to a one-of-a-kind evening during an unforgettable stay in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to book a dhow cruise online, you can also book through a hotel in Dubai or from a travel agency.

As mentioned previously, a dhow provides not only fine dining, but also music and dance. During live performances, a live band will play, with tanoura dancers in tow. A tamboura dance is a dance originated in Turkey, in which a dancer wears a dress festooned in colorful lights and spins around to produce quite the spectacle. At all other times throughout the cruise, romantic Arabic or English music will play throughout the dhow via speakers, setting the mood for the couples that are on board.

In summary, a dhow cruise today is a lovely dining establishment that travels via a body of water, providing tourists with authentic meals, a gentle ride in the Marina or Creek, unique views of the city, and live music. Make a dhow dinner cruise in Dubai Marina one of many great evenings during your trip to the UAE.

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