Planning Your Trip to Dubai


The city of Dubai has started to get a lot of attention for its beauty and tourist destinations. It’s a place that inspires both architectural wonder and technological awe. The entire area has undergone a dramatic change, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the entire world. There are resorts and attractions here that can appeal to anybody. Whether you’re looking for something in the lap of luxury, or for a destination that’s more family-friendly, it’s all located in one convenient place.

Dubai City Tour

Sometimes, you can even fit a little bit of both into your vacation. It’s all about how you plan, and what type of itinerary you set up for yourself. Dubai is a huge area, and it’s extremely important that you understand exactly what you hope to see. Finding appropriate accommodations can also be difficult. This is not because of a lack of accommodations, but it’s because there are so many to choose from.

If you’re traveling here from another country, then this can be a huge undertaking. Many people recommend using some sort of travel agency in order to properly plan your vacation. It can also be a good idea to purchase vacation packages from the right places online. Companies that work locally with Dubai will offer you the best options. They’ll also have an understanding of exactly what you need to travel internationally. This isn’t quite as simple as traveling across your state or country. If you don’t live in Dubai or in the surrounding areas, then you may have to obtain special permissions to get there in the first place. This isn’t difficult as it seems, but it still requires jumping through a few hoops.

Finding the best holiday packages in the UAE can be as easy as clicking on a reputable link. All you need to do is find a company that can offer things that appeal to every member of your family. If they can’t meet your needs, see if they can customize a package for you. Whether you’re interested in amusement parks or five-star spots, there’s something here that you’ll definitely enjoy. These are just a few ways to start planning for your trip to Dubai:

Travel PapersDubai Tourist Visa

It’s important to figure out exactly what type of paperwork you need to travel into the country in the first place. If you’re going to need a visa or passport, then you need to get this within the prescribed time frame. Getting a visa too early or waiting too long can make it impossible for you to go on your vacation. There’s nothing more disappointing than booking and setting up your entire vacation only to find that you can’t travel the day that you’re supposed to leave because you neglected to get the appropriate papers.


Sofitel Dubaï The Palm Resort and Spa

Make sure that you absolutely have your accommodations booked and set up prior to leaving. It’s also imperative that you take the time change into account. If you’re supposed to check in on a specific day at a specific time, make sure that you have this set up according to the time change in Dubai rather than trying to go with your current date and time. This can be drastically different for people traveling overseas. It can be super frustrating to get there, and figure out that your check-in isn’t until the next day.


metro station

You may not be able to drive yourself in this area, so it’s important to know what kind of transportation is available. Are you going to be staying primarily at your hotel or resort? Or do you plan on traveling in order to get to other destinations? Figure this out ahead of time, and save yourself a major headache.

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A look inside Legoland


With all the available options, it can be difficult to find a truly unique vacation destination. There are plenty of places to go for adults, or plenty of places that are entirely centered round children, but what about places that can accommodate everybody? Choosing a vacation destination is no easy feat as you can ask anybody who’s ever tried to plan anything for their family. Either the adults end up being bored and babysitting the entire time, or the children end up being bored with more adult themed resorts.

The key is to find a happy medium, and a place where everybody can find something they’ll love. This generally translates into a theme park or resort of some kind. The city of Dubai has started offering huge packages that have something that can appeal to almost anyone. This is part of what’s made it one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the entire world.

Out of all of these fantastic places to visit, one of the most loved is Legoland. This is a theme park based entirely around the childhood building blocks that everyone can relate to. Legos often embody some of our most cherished childhood memories. They were a toy that was always there for us, and something that everybody enjoyed playing with. They’re really great at sparking our creativity, and offering us different options. When you were a child and you received a bag of Legos, you suddenly had the ability to build your whole world over again. When you visit Legoland, you can reclaim some of these feelings. This is what makes it so appealing for the old and the young.

Visiting Legoland in Dubai offers you a huge range of different things you can do. This is more than just a theme park. It’s also a high-tech trip down memory lane. Imagine walking into a life-sized Lego world built just to entertain you. This feeling is part of what’s made this particular theme park so popular. These are just a few of the attractions at Legoland that you don’t want to miss:

Water Parks

This particular Legoland provides one of the most interesting Lego water parks anywhere in the world. This particular attraction helps to beat the heat in a set up that rivals even your most creative designs. This is a huge expanse to offer something that everybody can enjoy. Watch your children explore the magic of Legos, and don’t be afraid to jump right in with them. This is one of the options that make this such a popular attraction.

Lego City

Legoland is divided up into several distinct portions. With over 60 million bricks, there’s plenty to do. Lego City provides your children with a unique look at daily life in a world made entirely of Legos. They can enjoy a driving school where each child will get their own individual car to practice with or they can try water sports. The options are only limited by your imagination!

Lego Kingdoms

Imagine every awesome medieval Lego set you’ve ever gotten rolled into one wonderful adventure. This is a place where you can experience everything at the ground level. From a roller coaster shaped like your favorite Dragon Legos to a wholly immersed experience, it’s really got it all.


Legoland in Dubai used 20 million Legos to re-create the city for its visitors. You can walk through this wonderful set up, and see all your favorite landmarks in miniature. This is a wonderful interactive feature that teaches just as much as it entertains. Be careful though, projects like this may just pick your kids a little bit more ambitious with their Legos in the future!

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The Four Zones of IMG Worlds of Adventure

Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds Of Adventure is a fairly new amusement park that opened back in the year 2016, and is the world’s largest indoor theme park. This impressive park, spanning 140 thousand square meters, is made up into four different zones, and is chock full of franchises and characters known throughout the globe.

Because the park itself is entirely indoors, you can visit the park at any time of year, as it is open all year round. Typical theme parks are never open all year round, unless they take place in tropical climates or are indoors. If you’re looking to go on vacation to escape cold climates, consider booking a flight to Dubai and ordering IMG tickets for the entire family.

Each zone in IMG Worlds of Adventure has something for everyone. Here is a rundown of each fun and entertaining area of the park.

IMG Boulevard

This is the zone you will start at when you redeem your IMG tickets and enter the park for the first time. IMG Boulevard currently contains one ride, five relaxing restaurants, and five distinct gift shops, promising hours of amusement for people of all ages.

Try to escape The Haunted Hotel, with transforming scenery making it a scary and challenging attraction full of jump scares and perilous wrong turns. Enjoy a nice dinner at the versatile Boulevard Gourmet, the Indian-themed Samosa House, or the smart casual Flavors of Arabia.

And coming soon, a 12-screen IMAX cinema joins the selection of attractions, so you can take a break from riding and shopping to watch an action-packed flick.

Lost Valley: Dinosaur Adventure

This zone is where you can enjoy multiple rides that are dinosaur-themed. The main attraction of Lost Valley: Dinosaur Adventure is the Predator, an extreme roller coaster that offers exhilarating twists, turns, and loops. Forbidden Territory is an immersive tour of secluded dinosaur life, where guests get up close with the rulers of the Earth 65 million years ago.

Have your kids enjoy Adventure Fortress, a huge dinosaur-themed playground. Or they can get the chance to ride a dinosaur on the one and only Dino Carousel. In between all the fun you can enjoy Spice Valley for spicy Indian cuisine.


Enjoy rides and attractions featuring iconic Marvel superheroes. Take a tour of New York and stop Doctor Octopus at Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge. Hop on Thor Thunder Spin for a dizzy and exciting experience. You can also enjoy an immersive 3D experience at Hulk Epsilon Base 3D.

There are many places to shop and eat in the Marvel zone. Enjoy fine Italian from Mama Scano’s of Yancy Street, Pan-Asian from Chang’s Golden Dragon, or book a business dinner to enjoy the most delicious steak at Tony’s Skydeck. Stock up on Marvel memorabilia at shops like the Daily Bugle Company Store and the Avengers Exchange. All in all a perfect endeavor for any comic book fan.

Cartoon Network

The popular kid’s network features many different rides, eateries, and shops at IMG Worlds of Adventure. One of the rides to check out is the “5D” adventure, Ben 10 5D Hero Time, where Ben and Rook can train you, with an unexpected appearance from Khyber the Huntsman. Hop on a carriage resembling a Powerpuff Girl and fly around a sinister giant robot at The Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage. Soar about the Cartoon Network Zone on the back of Adventure Time’s Jake and explore various Adventure Time settings and characters. You can also visit Lazytown, based on the hit live-action show.

Among the restaurants in Cartoon Network zone is Richard’s Around The World Cafe, which offers a variety of delicious international cuisine.

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Ferrari world

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the top tourist destination attractions during their Dubai trip. According to recent statistics, 70% of tourists who travel to Dubai for vacation are said to spend some of their time at the Ferrari World.

Are you an avid traveller and looking for ways you can lift your spirits when you are on a trip to the city of Dubai? You definitely have to look at the Ferrari World and ways it can add to the excitement of your trip. In order to enjoy a holiday that will encompass different elements, visiting the Ferrari world is a great idea which will make your trip unique. In case you are wondering what the Ferrari World entails, it just but a magnificent theme park which was constructed by one of the largest manufacturing automobile companies. Your dream of enjoying an adventurous trip will always get impetus by including this location in your places to visit during your trip to the city of Dubai which is considered to be one of the finest cosmopolitan cities in the world.
Below are five important reasons why you should consider visiting the Ferrari World during your trip to Dubai.

1. Enjoy the Racing Simulator

racing simulator- Ferrari world

You can always visit ALTDUBAI in order to find out more concerning the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Here you can look for packages and Ferrari world ticket deals which will include visiting this theme park. You can decide to enjoy your time with your friends or go for a solo trip. For example, if you decide to go for the Scuderia challenge, you will get to experience different levels of realism which is exciting. You can also decide to boost your senses by using this fun filled racing competition whenever you visit Dubai city.

2. Get a Chance to Enjoy the Roller Coaster Ride

Rollers Coaster at Ferrari World

Taking your kids to a trip to Dubai will be worth the money you invest since your kids will get the rare opportunity of enjoying one of the world’s fastest roller coaster rides at the Ferrari World. The ride will begin with the help of hydraulic launch which will resonate with the speed of the planes which takes off from the carriers of the aircraft.

3. Enjoy the ever Exciting Race

Exciting Race in ferrari world

Do you like the idea of racing with your family and friends? All you are required to do is just jump on the Fiorano Challenge bandwagon and get a chance to feel the amazing experience of taking part in one of the greatest racing competitions in the world. Right from the starting point to the twists and turns which takes place at the competition, it is just like passing through a cool breeze which will guarantee you a lifetime experience.

Knowing the technology that lies behind this challenging race will add to the enjoyment and can make your trip more satisfying.

4. Kids on the Wheels

Ferrari World

Taking your kids for a trip to Dubai will never be complete without taking a tour to the Ferrari World. Not only will the adults enjoy visiting this theme park but your kids will always enjoy it since it is considered to be one of the greatest locations to visit in the city. The driving school experts found at the Ferrari World will always be ready to help the kids have a great time since they always provide them with a wonderful opportunity that will help them learn the driving techniques.

5. Enjoy the 4-D Fantasy Journey

Ferrari World + Yas Water World

You will be able to go where no Ferrari has ever gone before by having some time on the world’s most sophisticated simulators. Nello, a little driver will be able to take you on a trip via the 4-D fantasy dreamscape venturing into the ocean depths and flying along the cliffs. You can feel the cold of ice caves or heat of the jungle whenever the temperatures shift, lights change and moisture feels the air.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Opening timing & Location

1. Opening timings

Sun – Wed: 11:00 Am to 8:00 Pm

Thru -Sat: 11:00 Am to 10:00 Pm

2. Location

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