Discovering the underwater world in Dubai


A place like no other, Dubai is a land where nature meets innovation and together they thrive for the future. A man-made a paradise, this city is full of possibilities and endless discovery. If you want to truly feel what the miracles that this city holds are, you need to take a glance beneath its azure waters. The world that exists under the seas of Dubai is simply filled with natural wonders and mesmerizing sights. Wondering where the best spots are? Read ahead to take a virtual dive into the deep oceans of this land and be informed about where you need to go to experience what!

For the beginners in the world of Diving

Source: via unsplash

An experience like no other, scuba diving is a sport you should give a try at least once in a lifetime. However, it is completely normal if you feel scared or terrified during your first dive. In this bit of the blog, we will tell you about the easy ways you can start your diving journey and slowly get into the mode.


Source: Fury Water Adventures

A great way to start exploring the marine world, snorkeling gives you a sneak peek and motivates you to take the next step – scuba diving. Safe for adults of all ages, snorkeling simply lets you float on the surface with specialized goggles using which you can see a huge panorama of undersea life. While in Dubai, you can try the ultimate snorkel in Aquaventure for a fresh experience where you can sight plenty of marine activity authentic to Dubai while being in the safety of the vast tank. You can also experience several natural habitats for snorkeling as well.

Scuba Diving at Dubai Aquarium

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Want the best possible marine sightings in the safety of a closed area? Head over to Dubai Aquarium where you can try diving into the depths of this 10 million liter water world filled with amazing instances of ocean life. Discover Scuba Diving at Dubai Aquarium is an experience that is definite to fill your heart and get you into the spirit and joy of diving in open oceans. You can also take this experience to another level by opting for the PADI certification Scuba diving program held at the Dubai aquarium. PADI certificates hold high value in the world of diving and you can continue your education.

Scuba Diving in the open ocean

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If you are someone who is a little more adventurous and prefers the open ocean and its feel, you can still try a beginner’s course offered such as PADI Scuba Diving course Dubai which will facilitate you to dive expertly and safely in the ocean in depths as great as 12 meters. Explore the depths of the coral reefs of Dubai with experts in tow and at the end of the two-day course, you can take home a PADI certificate which will be recognized all over the world.

The Best Places to Scuba Dive in UAE

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Now that you know your options, let’s get into the various possibilities of diving sites in Dubai and discover the experiences they offer. Read ahead for more!

Jumeirah Beach

A beach that is always lovely and filled with a good crowd, The Jumeirah public beach is home to various water activities in Dubai. Take a dive in here to enjoy the underwater life and get a glimpse of some shipwrecks concealed beneath the ocean. You can also try some of the water activities offered here if you would prefer not to dive.

Sharm Rock

Are you someone who dives to witness the spectacular coral structures that exist in the waters of the gulf? If so doubt no more, head over to the Sharm rock where your vision will turn into hues of pink and purple the minute you immerse yourself into the depths. The coral reefs are vibrant and attract a lot of exotic fishes that you can observe and relish in.

Martini Rock

Source: Mermaid Diving Center

Another must visit the natural diving site is the Martini rock. The vibrant aquatic fauna it holds is guaranteed to steal your breath away and make you watch in awe. Take a journey to this heavenly water and let yourself be lost in the infinite azure waters.

World Island Dive

Source: Private Islands

Have you visited one of the best attractions in Dubai yet? Head over to the Dubai World Islands to see archipelagos that mimic a world map, created on the surface of the ocean. You can dive in this area to witness an amazing cluster of small colonies of marine flora and fauna. The area is maintained in a manner that it encourages the growth of these environments and you can expect this site to be truly worth the trouble as it is said to soon grow to be one of the best places for scuba diving in the UAE.


Source: via TravelTriangle

If you want your diving experience to be truly unique, head over to one of the best-loved diving sites of this country – Zainab. This area of the ocean is famous due to a huge oil spill that had occurred here which caused the ship to sink and settle on the sea bed. They say a single dive in this area would not do justice and hence you can plan to dive here for a couple of days or so to cover the large area. A cozy home to an assortment of marine species, mainly the yellow barracuda, the area is truly breath-taking and one of the Top attractions of underwater Dubai.

Cement Barge

Source: via unsplash

If you are a beginner to the world of diving, check out Cement Barge in Dubai. This site has a depth of just 5 meters to 20 and hence it will be a perfect start to dive solo or with your coach. You can also explore the experience of snorkeling and night diving here as well! Make sure to keep this diving site on your list of things to do in UAE!

Sheikh Mohammed’s Barge

Dubai is a land with a vision for the future. Its current development into a majestic city from a fishing village in the middle of a desert is proof for this fact. One of the many sites created in Dubai out of sinking ships and barges, Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge holds a depth range of 18-23 meters and is an area that requires at least two dives to completely cover. The coral growth here is breath-taking and hence it is a grand idea to plan your dive here.

We hope we have created enough curiosity in you to plan a dive in Dubai with this read! Book the best Dubai Attractions ahead to ensure you get a hassle-free travel experience. You can browse through some of the Best Dubai packages offered to ensure you find the perfect one that suits every need of yours. They say travel is the only way to love. So keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS!

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Top 10 Instagrammable spots of Dubai!

Top 10 Spots in Dubai

A city like no other, Dubai is a world filled with experiences and opportunities. Every traveler regardless if they are visiting this land for the first time or not, loves to click pictures. With structures that scrape the sky and endless beaches, it is only natural that Dubai becomes every Instagrammers favorite destination. This wonderland will take you through a rustic souq one minute and then will let you hit the waters or mountains with the amount of versatility it holds!

Want to know the secrets on getting the best possible photographs for your feed? Worry no more! In this blog, we will tell you all the spots you have to visit that will truly get you Instagram worthy pictures!

1.  Burj Khalifa

Source: Arsalan Cheema via unsplash

Probably the first item on your mind when you think of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa holds a lot of records for being the highest. The highest tower with the world’s 5th fastest elevators is now home to the world’s highest lounge as well with the opening of The Lounge, Burj Khalifa. Want to click some aerial views of the city with its network of roads and innumerable skyscrapers? Book your slots to visit the 124th,125th or 148th floor and enjoy the view from a height of 555m.

Photo tips: If you make a booking such as Sunrise at Burj Khalifa, you may even be able to see the fog that sweeps over the tops of the buildings and get a view like never before! Ensure you place your device close to the frame to avoid glare and light and click away! You can also get a great shot of this tower from Souk Al Bahar Bridge and use the Dubai fountains to add some drama in your frame!

2.  Burj Al-Arab

Source: Darcey Beau via unsplash

Head over to Jumeirah beach to catch a one in a million view of the Burj Al-Arab in all its glory! This beach gets you a view of the tower with the sea and the colorful sky during sunset which will make the perfect frame for your next post! The evening rays of the sun make the tower seem like its sparkling with the reflections from its glass panels. The horizon is also definitive to be vibrant enough to leave you speechless! This beach also offers an array of water activities such as Bodyboarding, stand paddling, jet ski etc. Be sure to try them and capture some amazing shots if you have a waterproof device in hand!

Photo tip: Play around with your white balance setting to get you the perfect warm tones to shoot the sunset and capture its color.

3.  Dubai Mall aquarium & underwater zoo

Source: Moon via unsplash

Want to get yourself clicked under a 270 degree spanning glass roof aquarium? Head over to the Dubai Mall aquarium which is one of the top Dubai tourist attractions and pay a visit to its underwater tunnel to get this perfect shot! You may even get some beautiful aquatic creatures in the frame if you place it right. This aquarium holds 140+ species of aquatic marvels that are sure to leave you speechless!

Photo tip: Try to avoid going on the peak hours to avoid the crowds and make sure you carry a wide lens for your camera or phone to capture the complete beauty of the tunnel.

4.  ChillOut Ice Lounge


How about a post in a lounge made completely of ice blocks, complete with sculptures and showpieces? Head over to the one and only Ice lounge in Dubai – Chill Out Ice Lounge to capture you in the midst of art made in Ice, only in Dubai! Be sure to order yourself a cup of hot chocolate while you enjoy the lounge to enhance your experience. The lounge also provides you with sufficient warm clothes so you can avoid worrying about the temperature drop.

Photo tip: You can try shooting from places with good lighting to avoid grains. Also, try some close-up shots of the sculptures and see how beautiful ice can be! Avoid taking your phone right outside into the heat when you exit from the lounge. You can place it in your bag after the buffer zone and let the device heat up to outside temperature gradually.

5.  Dunes of Dubai

Source: Savvas Kalimeris via unsplash

Your Dubai trip will never be complete without a visit to the dunes of this majestic desert. Pay a visit to the deserts of Dubai and book Dubai attractions to get the best possible views of the never-ending desert. Ensure you book the evening desert Safari with BBQ dinner or the morning desert Safari to get the slanted rays of the sunlight. You can see the sand grains glisten across the horizon and relish in this sight. While you are here, also try the Hot air balloon ride to soar up into the sky and witness the desert from a bird’s eye perspective.

Photo tip: Try to wear a bright and contrasting color like red to stand out amidst the desert. You can also take advantage of the steep angles to get a completely new angle in your frame and capture the long crew of convoys exploring the desert along with you. If you are staying overnight in the desert, you can try catching the stars using the slow shutter option in your phone/camera and a tripod and capture the night sky. As it is far from the city lights and light pollution, you are bound to get a good view.

6.  Souqs of Dubai


The noise every vibrant souq of Dubai will make you find it difficult to believe that you are in Dubai! The best part of Dubai is the fact that they preserve the traditions even with their rapid development. Souqs are a popular Dubai tourist attraction that will let them shop without restrictions as the prices are placed low and you can always bargain. Visit places like the Bur Dubai souq or the textile souq to find yourself immersed in a world of color and clothes! Not only would you be able to find plenty of authentic traditional clothes from Dubai, but you will also be in a place that is very photogenic with the number of frames it offers!

Photo Tip: If you want a crowded frame, try visiting during the peak hours of Friday evening. Visit the souq during the early hours of the night if you want a less crowded shot. Be sure to use the leading lines to compose your shot. You will find plenty of interesting people here with whom you can experiment with for portraits as well, with their permission!

8.  Palm Jumeirah


One of the world’s largest man-made archipelagos, The palm stands proudly as an extension of modern Dubai. You can stay at one of the many beachfront resorts to wake up with a view every day or visit the palm by metro to catch some amazing views. The Palm is best seen from the aerial point of view. Hence if you Book Dubai attractions such as Helicopter tour or the Sea Plane tour, you will be able to catch some frames that will truly be out worldly!  Don’t miss out on the Dubai Dolphinarium if you want to get a few good shots of Dolphins playing as well!

Photo Tip: The Palm will have an amazing background if you shoot it during the hours of sunset. The sky will seem like a painting splattered with warm tones and the ocean will gleam its reflection as well. You can try shooting from Fairmont The Palm to take advantage of a good vantage point.

8.  Miracle Garden, Dubai

Source: The Little Backpacker

Another place tops the list of things to do in Dubai, the Miracle garden is a manmade wonder where over 50 million flowers thrive in the middle of a country that is also a desert. Ever since its inauguration in 2013, the garden has always been a point of interest to residents and tourists alike with the brand new attraction added each year! One of the points not to miss are the corridor of hearts, the giant A380 Emirates flight, and other dramatic exhibits made entirely out of flowers and metal frameworks.

Photo Tip: The corridor of hearts will make a great portrait location with its leading lines in the background! Dress in a shade of happiness such as yellow or red, to blend into the flower land and yet standout with your dazzling smile!

9.  Dubai Frame

Source: DEZEEN

One of the brand new Dubai attractions in town, the Dubai frame has already captured the hearts of many! This symbolic architectural marvel is the first of its kind and is built on a solid set of concepts. Atop this marvel, you can see the old areas of the city such as Dubai Creek and Bur Dubai on one side while you will be able to see the modern marvels such as Burj Al-Arab, Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Towers on the other side. The frame is placed and structured in a way that it shows what Dubai stands for; honoring the past and working towards a bright future.

Photo tip: Click a panorama with the two sides, or add multiple images and compare the two sides of Dubai on your feed! This view is bound to be mind-blowing! You can also adorn a bright dress and pose with your hair open towards a side of the city to capture another great image!

10.  Ski Dubai

Source: Daytur

Want to post a picture in the middle of snow while you pay a visit to Dubai? Confused? Worry no more! We told you nothing is impossible in Dubai. The Ski Dubai is a one of a kind snow park created in the center of the city in Dubai mall, where you can spend time playing in the sea, or taking a cable car uphill, or ski on the slopes. Click plenty of pictures here and have the time of your life!  You will be provided with sufficient warm clothes and protective layering to ensure you are safe and warm amidst the extremely cold temperatures!

Photo Tip: Set the camera white balance to cooler tones to capture the complete beauty of the snow and the vibrant whiteness. Be it portraits or landscapes, a post from Ski Dubai is bound to be exciting!

We hope we have provided you with sufficient information to ensure that your feed will be bursting with creativity after a trip to Dubai! In this land with endless possibilities, you can find plenty more of Dubai attractions and adventures by exploring the array of customized Holiday tour packages Dubai UAE. Keep traveling, and Explore with #NOREGRETS!

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Your Ultimate guide to make the most of Dubai Food Festival

Banner Image food 2

It is that time of the year again when the people of Dubai are celebrating the spirit of gastronomy again. The Dubai Food Festival is a rare opportunity for locals and tourists alike to rejoice in the diverse cuisine and food opportunities this city has to offer. This time, the festival is bigger and better than ever before. So pack your bags and head to this amazing destination and experience this festival which takes place during the dates 21st February to 9th March.

One of the prime reasons why Dubai is rich in cuisine is attributed to the diverse mix pot culture of residents. A booming 75% of the population are foreigners and only the remaining 25% of the population are indigenous Emiratis. An amalgamation of food from all over the world as well as traditional Emirati cuisine, Food here is simply an expression of diversity and culture!

If you are a foodie, this is the absolute best time to visit the city of endless possibilities, Dubai! This blog will guide you with everything you will need to know and help you make the most of the Dubai Food Festival! Read on!

1.  Dinner at La Perle

Source: The National

La Perle by Dragone, one of the culture concentration points of Dubai is joining in the celebration by joining with restaurants close by to give rise to a package that is inclusive of a show and dinner! Enjoy captivating performances from this venue and take a small walk to Zoco, a Latin American favorite restaurant or choose to enjoy contemporary European delights by Babiole or you can opt for prime steaks at City Grill.

This mesmerizing aqua-theatre is filled with the presence of 65 talents who put up a mindblowing performance twice a night, five days a week! Book the tickets ahead and make sure you enjoy this show during your trip to Dubai!

Dates Available: 21FEB – 9MAR

2.  Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Source: City Centre Mirdif

It is hard to not have shopping as one of your top things to do in Dubai. This city, during winters, is one of the most pleasant and exciting places to be in the world. You can have the time of your life at City Centre Mirdif and take a break to visit the Great Outdoors here. A dynamic experience that is designed to cater to your senses, you can find an array of food kiosks and activities that hold wide amounts of choices related to cuisine in here.

Visit this open space that’s extra active during DFF and let your taste buds indulge! You can also enhance your experience with live entertainment by local talents and participate in some fun activities organized here!

Dates Available on 17JAN to 9MAR

3.  Spend an Evening at the Kite Beach

Source: Luxsure International

Are you someone who loves food but is equally health conscious? If so, Kite place is the place to be at! One of the most happening beaches of Dubai, this sandy stretch will be home to a number of activities under the theme “Love your health – Live the Food” during the Dubai Food Festival. You can be a part of a boot camp session that will be handled by top trainers and break a sweat near the ocean or do some yoga with a breath of fresh sea air.

Kite beach is also a place you can indulge in some water sports such as Jet Ski, Bodyboarding, Stand paddle boarding and much more!  Ensure you make the most of your trip to Dubai by planning a day at this beach. Book activities ahead to ensure you make the most of your time!

Dates Available on 21FEB – 9MAR

4.  Beach Side Gastronomy

Source: Ready Cooked Traditional Italian & Peranakan Food

There is no argument regarding cooking being an art form. Take a trip to the Beach opposite JBR to experience Dubai Food Festival in the best possible manner. Here, the work that goes behind perfect plating, display, and presentation is celebrated and put on display. Watch international chefs work their magic to create art that can be plated, at workshops themed with “Experience the Art”. To complement the experience, there will also be a selection of live music, art, and installations!

Get ready to be swept away by the ambiance that awaits you here. If you’re lucky, you may even win some amazing prizes from the participating restaurants by showing off your food photography skills! This beach is definitely going to lift the spirits of the town by converting it to a hub of creativity and expression!

Dates available on 21FEB to 11MAR

5.  Try the Cheese Fest!

Source: Saperefood

A delicacy that finds its home in France, cheese tasting is an experience that’s not to be missed! Take a trip to Westin Mina Seyahi, where you can select and savor a wide variety of rare selections of cheeses. You can also attend some of the informative workshops organized here and participate in some of the exclusive activities arranged for the Dubai Food Festival!

This February marks the very first Cheese Fest in Dubai thanks to SOPEXA Middle East! Be sure to pay a visit and make the best out of this rare and amazing opportunity!

Dates available on 22FEB to 23FEB

6.  Explore the Taste of Dubai

Source: What’s On Dubai

Head over to the Dubai Media City Amphitheater during the last weekend of Dubai Food festival to experience a weekend filled with exquisite food and entertainment! Taste of Dubai is a weekend-long celebration conducted annually with top quality restaurant food, cookery workshops, tasting opportunities and lots of entertainment to keep you energized!

Be a part of this unique event and get to learn a lot about the culinary arts from the very best at this venue as it is common for some of the world’s best chefs to visit Taste of Dubai! Be sure not to miss this Dubai attraction!

Dates available on 7MAR to 9MAR

7.  Head to BoxPark with your little ones

Source: Cache Valley Family Magazine

Are you traveling with your kids to the Dubai Food festival? Then the event Live the food at BoxPark, is a must do! This activity is all about facilitating your little ones to learn where the food on their plate comes from. These farm-based workshops let children learn about the basics of farming, growing their plants and taking care of them adequately.

Kids who are a part of the “Know your ingredients – Live the Food” farm workshops will also get a green buddy- a plant to take home and care for. At the end of DFF, the proud parent of the healthier looking plant will have a chance to win three Meeras Gift cards and other giveaways!

Make sure you take plenty of pictures at the photography points, enjoy farm-themed face painting and enjoy this Dubai attraction in the best way possible!

Dates available on 21FEB – 11MAR

We are definite that you must have found an activity in here that is perfect for you & your family’s liking. Make sure you do not miss out on the grand celebration of cuisine celebrated in this magnificent country as the Dubai Food Festival. Book Dubai attractions ahead to ensure you have a grand trip and travel & explore with #NOREGRETS!

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Everything you need to know about Desert Safari in Dubai

desert safari

If you are planning a trip to UAE, the desert safari is bound to be on the top of your list for things to do in Dubai. Wondering what the hype is about? Worry no more, this write-up will take you on a descriptive journey about the desert Safari and help you understand why this is one of the top Dubai Tourist Attractions.

The Beginning

Most desert Safaris offer a pick up from your point of residence for convenience’s sake. If not, you will meet your guide at a pre-designated point and venture on the journey. The grand 4×4 vehicle that is used for your journey can be anything from a Jeep to a Land cruiser based on the type of desert safari you have opted for. Make sure you ask the driver to give you a background on the history and culture of the Bedouin culture before you hit the sands. Once the vehicle reaches the outskirts of the desert, the driver will deflate the tires and prepare the car for its full potential in terms of power. From here, your adrenaline-filled journey begins!


The Drive to the camp

Although the camp is equally scintillating, the drive is probably the best part of the desert safari. These expert drivers take your car through extreme heights, vertical slopes and through huge dunes of sand en-route the camp. Make sure you fasten your seat belts and sit tight, as this will be more exciting than any roller coaster you have ever been on! The Safari usually occurs with a convoy of vehicles that lead from the city to the camp. Sometimes as you climb downhill from a sand dune, you can see a rare view of a convoy of highly powerful four-wheel drives pushing through the sand and getting tilted at impossible angles.

The sights: Desert Flora & Fauna

As you cruise through the sand dunes, you will see the endless, vast desert stretch to the horizon which is definite to leave you adrift. Look closely to see the scares but existing desert vegetation in forms such as cacti. These plants are truly a sight to see. They grow in extreme water-deficient conditions and some even flowers despite the hot desert temperature. The deserts also have plenty of wildlife in the form of snakes, raccoons, scorpions, & lizards. Although camels find a home in the desert, it is rare to spot them roaming wild in the desert.

If you have opted for the sunrise or sunset Safari, the drive will stop at a good viewpoint to capture the best possible views of the sun setting into the desert horizon. The golden hour is simply dazzling in the desert with the rays making every grain of sand in the land glow bright. After you have taken enough photographs for your liking, the ride will continue to the camp.

Camel Riding

An animal that is probably an icon of the desert, camels are naturally capable of going without water for long periods and hence can survive easily in the deserts. As part of the Desert Safari, you will be able to mount a camel and enjoy the wobbly ride for a while and experience the feeling of living in the desert. A true photograph worthy moment, don’t forget to get plenty of pictures clicked!

The camp

Finally, when you reach the camp, you will be received with a warm welcome of hot drinks and a traditional serving of dates. The camp will feel like a wild contrast to the journey as it is as exquisite as an oasis in the middle of the desert. With tents built huddled together and a large center carpeting that acts as a stage, the camp is tiny heaven in the middle of the desert. While you are here, you can also try getting a henna tattoo from local women who are extremely talented. A core part of the Arab culture, henna is symbolic of auspiciousness and wellness.


If you like shisha, smoking in the camp is truly a unique experience. While there are various flavors you can try, the ambiance is what really makes it truly special. As part of the Safari, you will also be served a delicious five-course Emirati meal in the desert. You can try the cuisine while you indulge in some live entertainment.

Live Entertainment

A major attraction of the safari is the live entertainment performed by experts. The camp is oriented towards the stage set in the center and the performer displays his/her talents here. You can witness a grand show of belly dancing to Arab music followed by the traditional dance Tanoura performed on stage. Combined with the music, the cold desert breeze, and ambiance, this is definitely a night not to miss!

Source: Ocean Air Travels

Desert Activities

In addition to the desert ride, the camp, and entertainment, you can also venture on various activities in the middle of the desert which are adventurous and exciting such as sandboarding, sand skiing, quad biking and more. Another opportunity that’s not to miss is the chance to dress up in traditional Arab clothes and get your pictures clicked. Be it for the men or women, it will be pretty thrilling to see how you’d look had you been born in the Arab world years ago.


The national bird of UAE is a falcon. A bird that symbolizes power & poise, can be highly dangerous too. At the camps, you can hold a falcon in your arms and click a brave photograph. Keep worries about safety aside as you will be equipped with protective gloves and experts watching closely.

Types of Desert Safaris

Before you book the desert safari tour, it is important to know what you are looking forward to. In order to help you with this, we have created a capsule format of all the different types of desert tours down below. Keep reading!

  • Desert Safari with BBQ dinner: The classic evening version of desert Safari, booking this tour is equivalent to ensuring your evening will be well spent! Filled with little adventures and good moments, you can return to the city after your dinner and reach back late night with this type of Safari.
  • Desert Safari with Quad Bike: Love biking? You should book this safari if you want an extra experience of Quad biking through the desert. All other features resemble the evening desert safari experience.
  • Hummer Desert Safari with BBQ dinner: If you want to add a little extravagance to your ride, you can opt for the desert safari experience in this monster of a car- Hummer. All other features resemble the classic desert Safari experience.
  • Desert Safari with A/C tent: Enjoy the desert with added comfort by opting for this tour. While the experiences are similar, you can retire to your air-conditioned & cozy tent in-between the events. You can also opt for the Luxury VIP desert Safari for more extravagant experiences.
  • Morning Desert Safari: If you want to see the desert engulfed in the rays of the sun early in the morning, you should choose this unconventional safari. It is accompanied by a complimentary camel ride, unlimited refreshments, and transportation.

A land filled with experiences and possibilities, Sky is the limit for expectations for your trip to Dubai. We hope we have inspired you and provided you with adequate details so you can make an informed decision regarding your Desert Safari experience. Explore the best Dubai attraction deals, Holiday Tour Packages Dubai UAE and Holiday Tour Packages Dubai UAE and things to do in Dubai and keep traveling & Exploring with #NOREGRETS!

For all the events that will take place in Dubai for Holi, you should check out our blog! The Dubai Food Festival also concludes in March, so do not miss out on all the amazing food that you can relish!
Expo 2020 is just a few months away and we are excited! For more information about Dubai Expo 2020, visit our page!

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Countries to Visit in February

Tripxtours countries to visit in February

Travel isn’t a luxury, but a necessity for life. An act like breathing, traveling lets you trust strangers, forge bonds with beautiful souls, fall in love with new places and feel more alive than ever before. The best part of a place is how it changes over the year as it welcomes new seasons. A place like Paris filled with yellow ocher leaves of autumn can seem unrecognizable during the snow-filled winters. This is why weather is one of the top constraints travelers research on before you pick a place to head to. In this article, you will find some of the best sights to witness around the world, in the ten best countries to head to this February.

February is a month of warmth to those in the southern hemisphere while it brings along a chill for the countries up in the northern hemisphere. It can get difficult to decide if you want to experience the winter of a country, spring or summer! Worry no more, as this write-up is everything you will need to understand what experience you can get when you visit a destination this month! Read ahead!

1.  Spain

A land that’s devoted to living a good life, A trip to Spain is guaranteed to be sophisticated and diverse to an extent that exceeds imagination. During February, the temperatures of Spain are mildly warm and sunny and you can make the most of your time here by touring the attractions here. With a landscape that is sure to stir your soul, this country is filled with pink-white almond trees, beach bars, pavement cafes, vast meadows and so much more!

Ensure you take a trip to Ibiza during this season and also pay a visit to the Picos de Europa, a breath-taking mountain range on the continent. You can also take a trip to the Sierra Nevada and witness its snow peaks & the sun-baked plains at Andalucía. This country is simply a charm and it is definitely a place to be at this season!

2.  Sir Lanka

An island in the Indian Ocean that looks like a teardrop, Sir Lanka has a lot to offer to tourists ranging from pristine beaches and contemporary architecture. It is a country that is a melting pot in terms of culture due to the colonization history and its vast development in recent history. February is one of the best times of the year to visit this beautiful country as the monsoon has ended.

You can take walk along the sacred Bo tree which is significant to the origins of Buddhism, trek to the peak of Sigiriya, watch tea plantations spread across acres and also take a trip to the remains of the great architecture left behind by Geoffrey Bawa.

3.  Maldives

A place that’s a manifestation of heaven, Maldives is characterized by endless white sand beaches, azure water, and cool breezes. If you want to escape into a heaven on earth for a couple of days, then this is the place to be! February is the sunniest month in the Maldives with temperatures as high as 28 degree Celsius. Lazing around the beaches during this weather is simply too blissful for words. You can go sightseeing to the various attractions and entertain yourself with the abundance of bars cafes and nightclubs.

Spend a day at Meera Island, and take some time to go diving in Biyadhoo Island. If you want a taste of luxury then the perfect place for you is the Kaafu Atoll. A destination to not miss is the Raa Atoll which gains its fame from the bioluminescent phytoplankton found in its waters which glows during the night.

4.  Thailand

Another tropical country that’s ideal to visit during the month of February, Thailand is another beach-centric destination that has earned its name –Asian Paradise. The average temperatures in this destination during the month of February ranges around 28 degrees and your visit will also be free of the troublesome effects of monsoons.

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, make sure you pay a visit to the islands of Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui, and Pattaya. All of these islands are equipped with plenty of sunshine and water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and much more. If you like nature, then take a trip to Phang Nga Bay, Elephant Nature Park, and the tribes of the northern regions.

5.  Abu Dhabi

A destination often shadowed by the popularity of Dubai, Abu Dhabi has plenty to offer. During February, the weather in Abu Dhabi is as pleasant as a European summer and there is no better time to head to this destination. Explore the nature and heritage of this place with the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari and take the chance to spend a night in the middle of a desert! You can also find plenty of shopping options in here such as Yas mall, Marina Mall and Deerfield’s mall.

Make sure you do not miss the Sheikh Zayed mosque, which is a brilliant display of ancient Arabic architecture. You can also pay a visit to the world of Ferrari’s at Ferrari World Theme park. While you are here, do not miss the Yas World water park as well to cool off after a long day.

6.  Zanzibar

Wistfully wishing for a perfect combination of rest and adventure? Wonder no more and book your tickets to Zanzibar! This paradisaical archipelago in the Indian Ocean has moderately warm days and cool nights during the months of February. As it is a lesser discovered place, the coral reefs that lie beneath the surface are nothing short of exquisite and are worth your while. You can also try hikes and snorkeling through this beautiful land to create memories that last a lifetime.

Explore the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar and if you’re lucky, you can also sight some hawks bill turtles, rays, parrot fish, and dolphins!  Make sure you do not miss a trip to the Ngezi Rain forest in search of Vervet monkeys while you are in this beautiful destination.

7.  Myanmar

Another tropical country to visit, Myanmar is a serene destination that is also diverse. The best sights of this land can be seen without any difficulty during the month of February. The climate is cool and calm with a low chance of rainfall.

Make sure you pay a visit to the Mandalay hill to meet Buddhist monks, try the local cuisine and shop from a floating market near you.

We hope we have inspired you with enough travel stories for now. Take a trip this February and create blissful moments for you to remember by. Keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS.

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Exploring the world of Beaches in Dubai


They say the winters of Dubai are so pleasant, that it feels like summer in Britain. If you have planned a trip to this amazing city during the months of winter, you are definitely in for a treat! If you are a thalassophile, Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of beaches. In this blog, let us take you on a journey and help you discover the world of possibilities the beaches of Dubai has to offer you. You can Book Dubai attractions that you find interesting and simply go ahead to have the time of your life.

1.  Sunset Beach

The beach with the best ground view of the Burj Al Arab, it is the perfect place for you to click some photographs with the iconic building. This beautiful stretch of sand is exquisite and filled with an array of activities you can indulge in! One of the top things to do in the sunset beach is Surfing! You can even get trained on the basics and indulge yourself in the exciting activity. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee and let yourself get immersed in the beauty of the sunset while you visit!

2.  Jumeirah Beach

One of the most happening beaches of Dubai, the Jumeirah coastal line has a lot to offer to adults and children alike! The promenade of this beach is almost always filled with residents and tourists. You can witness a great view of the Burj Khalifa and indulge in the plethora of activities here. Here are some of the best tourist attractions of this beach.

  • Bodyboarding: A popular water sport, you can ride on the crest, face & curl of the wave when you bodyboard. We are definite that you will get a rush of adrenaline while you try and conquer every wave. If you are new to the sport, worry not as there are plenty of trainers and classes you can book ahead!

Body Boarding – Picture by Newquay Activity Centre

  • Knee Boarding: Love speed? Then this is the perfect activity for you. Kneeboarding is a safe and fast sport where you will be strapped to a convex board and be towed by a fast-paced You can enjoy the turns and twists of the water while you kneel on the board and feel the rush.

Picture by Jobe® Watersports

  • Pedal boat: This one is for peaceful travelers, who love to soak into the beach environment and experience a sense of tranquillity. You can gently pedal along the shallow ends of the beach with a loved one and simply let yourself soak into the calmness. The pedals are easy to operate and this is a perfect activity for both adults and children alike.

Picture from Fly Fish Water Sports

3.  Kite Beach

Another scintillating beach of Dubai, Kite Beach is popular for its sports and recreational activities. You can simply take a trip here and have the chance to indulge in a variety of non-aquatic sports such as volleyball, skating, trampoline and also in water sports such as paddle board and kayak. After your time in the ocean, head over to one of the several canteens by the bay to enjoy a delicious meal. Occasionally, kite flying fests are held on this area of the sand stretch and hence the name.

Sourceof Image:

4.  JBR Beach

Another popular beach in Dubai, the JBR beach in front of the Ritz Carlton is a prime waterfront establishment. A great place to unwind after a long week and also a place filled with touristic activities, this beach is one of the best Dubai touristic attractions! You can also find several world-class boutiques & skyscrapers beside this place. You can either pick up an inflatable pool lounge and indulge in it with your family or participate in the activities they offer. Here are some of the activities that are available on this beach.

  • Donut ride: Get on a donut-shaped boat which is connected to a speed boat and strap in to enjoy the ride of your lifetime. There is no need to worry about safety as you will be strapped taught on the inflatable donut and the speed of the boat is adjusted to ensure your liking. Experience the exhilarating twists and turns in this amazing ride!

Source of Image:

  • Jet Pack: Looking for a grand adventure that involves being lifted in the air and zooming over the surface of the ocean? The Jet pack ride does exactly that! Experience how it feels like to fly with this amazing adventure sport!

Source of Image: Visit Dubai

  • Jet Ski: Love Biking? Then the Jet Ski is a must try for you! This water sport is highly popular all over the world and is a grand experience in the clear waters of Dubai. You can rent a Jet Ski and enjoy for an hour and a half with a partner or alone, speeding through the waters. The rides are safe as well as there will be constant help available and lifejackets worn.

  • Kayaking: A different type of activity in Dubai, Kayaking involves you and your partner to maneuver a kayak using a double-bladed The advantage of riding a kayak is the close proximity of the seating position to the water level around the boat. It is truly an amazing experience you should try at least once in a lifetime!

  • Wake Boarding: Add a twist to surfing by trying wake boarding in Dubai! You can strap yourself to your surfboard and get attached to a speed boat. This ride is not only thrilling, but you can also have the pleasure of speeding through the water with good music for company!
  • Stand Paddle: Another activity similar to surfing, stand paddle involves standing on the surfboard and pushing yourself through the water using a paddle. You can choose your pace and enjoy without fear!

  • Parasailing: Another sprightly way to enjoy the ocean, you can try parasailing on the beach. You will be safely connected to a speed boat while you are in the air and you can enjoy bouncing above the ocean with the wind gathered in your chute. If you are feeling a little extra adventurous, you can also try dipping into the ocean while the ride happens.

Source of Image:

5.  La Mer

La Mer is one of the newly developed beach areas that Dubai has to offer. Ranging from amazing dining options & an assortment of boutiques, this beach is also equipped with an exciting trampoline park! Not only can you try several water sports here, but you can also simply bask in the sunlight in this peaceful stretch and ensure you get your tan! Make sure you try fly boarding here, as it is an activity that you cannot afford to miss!

Source of Image: Time Out Dubai

6.  Black Palace Beach

This beach may sound royal, and it is rightly named so due to its prime location close to one of Dubai’s Royal residences. A little hidden from the public eye, this beach is truly a gem of a place. Witness a grand shoreline that’s untouched and view the Palm Jumeirah & Burj Al Arab in the distant skyline. Get away to this beach and discover a sense of calmness you cannot find in the remaining beaches of Dubai!

Image source:

7.  Al Mamzar Beach Park

A beach that looks like its right out of a dream, the Al Mamzar beach is filled with tiny shelters, lagoons & playgrounds. For a nominal fee, you can spend a day here and relish under a sun-lounge, rent a pool or even book a private bungalow! If you like your beach holidays quiet and perfect, then this is the place for you!

Image Source: What’s On Dubai

Boating options in the Persian Gulf

If you are someone who loves the ocean but prefers to remain dry, you may be tempted to choose the boating options these beaches offer. There are several fun ways to explore the ocean in Dubai including riding a traditional Dhow on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek during the late evenings, trying a splash tour in the Marina or the Yellow boat ride at Marina and several other beaches!

Find some of the best Dubai tourist attractions and book ahead from TripX Tours to ensure you have an unforgettable time in Dubai! A life without travel is meaningless. Hence, Keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS!

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7 reasons why you should visit Abu Dhabi on your visit to UAE!

abudhabi_7 reasons

To every person who plans a trip to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai & things to do in Dubai are undoubtedly the main focus of their visit. However, a lesser discovered jewel of the UAE, Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer to travelers and is worth a visit! This city comprises 80% of the country and is characterized by year-round sunshine, various activities, pristine beaches, and unparalleled hospitality. This magnificent land stretches from the Arabian Gulf Coast to the Al Dhafra desert region and the heritage heartland of Al Ain. This city is only an hour and a half’s drive away from Dubai and has also been named the world’s safest city!

Still not convinced you to need to visit Abu Dhabi? Read ahead! In this article, we will tell you why exactly it is imperative that you pay this city a visit and how to have the time of your life here!

1. You can pay a visit to the grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque

A dream in white, this structure is truly a treat to the eyes with its intricate details and motifs. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a symbolic tribute to the founder Sheikh of UAE – Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. One of the largest mosques in the world, it is also one of the few where you can take a walk inside regardless of faith. The buildings are adorned with 82 domes, 1000 columns and a reflective pool that amplifies its glory.

You can head over to this attraction during the early hours of sunset and witness the white surface transform into a tinge of gold and later into a hue of light blue, reflecting the changing colors of the sky. This landmark was also voted one of the world’s most popular attractions and is an ultimate beauty spot of the Abu Dhabi Skyline. Witness this building and the exquisite interior marvels it holds inside during your visit to Abu Dhabi! Ensure you cover yourself and your head modestly, respecting the Arab culture during your visit!

2. Experience the Emirates Palace

Are you a fan of luxury and extravagance? If you would like a glimpse into true opulence, paying a visit to the Emirates Palace is mandatory! This remarkable structure is opulent inside out and has a lot to offer to the eyes, ranging from gold-platted lobbies to grand domes embedded with rich mosaic!  This icon easily spans half a mile within its wings and projects a golden hue during daylight and a rainbow effect takes over during the night lights.

You can also witness several luxury rides of the customers of the grand hotel and enjoy yourself. If you are interested, you can even rent a Ferrari with a chauffeur for a day on your tour to the city of Abu Dhabi.

3. Indulge in your need for speed at the Ferrari World 

An adventure parked themed of the world famous Ferrari, this park is a place of enjoyment, the first of its kind. You can experience the world’s fastest roller coaster ride – The Formula Rossa in here and feel the wind in your hair as you accelerate 240 kmph into a height of 52m above ground. Beware, this ride isn’t for the faint-hearted. You can also see the story of Ferrari through an interactive ride, take a virtual tour over the city of Venice in a helicopter and much more at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi!

4. Take a journey into the world of Modern art at Louvre Museum

The world’s first universal museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi is a place to be experienced! The building is roofed with a network of beams and patterns that create a play of light and shadows on the interior. The architecture genius Jean Nouvel is the creator behind the structure and the concept is based on the shadow cast by the overlapping palm trees in the UAE oases. The museum is simply a delight to the eyes and soul and is also the symbolic representation of an exchange of culture and diversity – a motto that UAE upholds.

5. Dive (Literally) into a world of fun at Yas Water world

Nestled in the island of Yas, this water park is nothing like you’ve ever experienced! Filled with slithering slides, rubber donut rides, flumes and a whole world of brand new water rides, this is a place to be in with your family. What better way to cool off from a visit to the desert than to hit Yas WaterWorld?!

You can plan a complete day here as the park is also home to several restaurants, souvenir shops and much more! Catch the ladies’ special night in here if you’re headed during a Thursday as well!

6. Visit the world of imagination at Warner Bros studios 

Are you a theme park lover? Head over to the newest attraction in town in Yas island – The Warner Bros theme park! And enjoy a day filled with adventure! This park brings together the essence of the stories you heard growing up along with its characters to create an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a combination of thrill, adventure, wackiness, and action all under one roof during your visit to this grand park with your family!

Make sure you pay a visit to the six immersive lands present in here including the Gotham city, Metropolis, Cartoon junction, Dynamite Gulch and much more!  Also, have a chance to enjoy the live entertainment shows held here where your favorite characters come to life. Take pictures, make memories, and go home with a day that will stay in your hearts forever.

7. Spend the night in the vast dunes of Abu Dhabi

The Al Dhafra region in Abu Dhabi is a land filled with dramatic scenery that is guaranteed to steal your breath away! Experience the true feel of a lofty desert and desert Safari Abu Dhabi. Enjoy experiences such as Camel riding, Dune Bashing, dune dawn walks, campfire barbeques and much more!

Also, witness the amazing hospitality and traditions of the Arab culture. Take a taste of the traditional dates and coffee while you enjoy live entertainments in the middle of the desert in the form of belly dance or Tanoura. The desert safari of Abu Dhabi also grants you the rare photography opportunity of holding a blindfolded falcon in your arms. Be sure you stay still and smile in pride! The falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a close part of their traditions and culture.

We sincerely hope that we’ve motivated you enough to visit this magnificent land during your visit to the UAE! Also, book the best Dubai packages and go through the holiday tour packages Dubai UAE from Tripx Tours! Spend a few days in Abu Dhabi & enjoy the beauty of this unexplored gem before you head back into your home country! They say travel is the best teacher. So, explore with #NOREGRETS!

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10 ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in Dubai 2019


It is that time of the year again when you start planning something special for you and your partner to cherish your togetherness on Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate anything than to plan a trip to a brilliant destination like Dubai and book Dubai attractions? This dazzling city is filled with infinite possibilities of a romantic celebration and it can seem difficult to pick the perfect one for you. Worry no more, we have compiled a premium list of ways you can celebrate your special day. Be it for the art-lovers, the theater devout or the adventure junkie, Dubai is definite to have a perfect itinerary for you! Read ahead to know what would be the best-suited way you can enjoy Valentine’s Day in Dubai.

1. Take a walk in the paradise of flora- The Miracle Garden

One of the places that enjoy a great deal of significance during Valentine’s Day, Miracle Garden was inaugurated on the 14th of February 2013 and has been highly popular ever since. Take a walk through the passage of hearts in here with your partner and feel mesmerized by the scintillating display of flowers. You can also find several other attractions such as the Giant Teddy Bear, the Airbus 380, and butterfly passage. The garden is a symbolic representation of peace, love, and romance, built with vivid imagery.

2. Spend a night in the desert with your loved one

Romantic Desert Safari
Romantic Desert Safari

Looking for a celebration that’s far from the city and full of peace and quiet? Escape the hassle with romantic desert safari that can take you both to a world where there’s just you under a thousand stars. Not only will the safari add a rush of adrenaline to your day, but you can also relish the day with breath-taking views of the desert during the sunset and night. As the skies will be free of light pollution, expect to see countless stars spread across the desert sky at night like glitter. Finish the evening with some entertainment and a delicious BBQ dinner and head back into the city the next morning.

3. Venture on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

How about taking the love of your life on a ride up in the sky filled with magnificent views and breath-taking landscapes in a hot air balloon? The Hot Air Balloon ride commences in the deserts of Dubai and is simply an iconic romantic gesture to go up in the air with your special someone. You can see Dubai like never before and experience the thrill of flying high in the sky at a pleasant pace and memories enough to last a lifetime! You can witness views of the vast desert, the desert fauna and flora, the city and its skyscrapers at a distance and much more! Booking a Hot Air Balloon ride is also inclusive of a scrumptious breakfast after the 60-minute ride. So book ahead of the best Dubai packages and make your day special if this is the perfect gift you can give!

4. Cruise aboard a romantic Dhow at Marina

Another way to spend some quality time in private with your better half is to take them on a Dhow cruise on the night of Valentine’s Day. This year, you can celebrate with a grand ambiance on the Valentine’s Day special cruise, complete with a candlelight dinner, live entertainment, romantic music, and a special heart-shaped cake. We assure you, an evening like this, could be the perfect gift! Book your tickets ahead to confirm your evening, as the crowd demand can be high for this party!

5. Spend a mesmerizing evening at the Dubai Opera

Are you and your better half fans of the theater? Then we have the perfect plan for you! Spend your evening at Dubai Opera this Valentine’s Day, and watch a Polish Opera, Aïda on the eve of February 14th! We guarantee that this will be an evening filled with memorable moments and surreal experience. The show starts at 8 Pm and will last up to 3 hours after. Book ahead to make sure you don’t miss out on this grand experience!

6. Fly over the city skyline of Dubai

Want to recreate a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie? Try booking the helicopter ride on Valentine’s Day! You will get to see the beautiful city spread across the landscape. You can even get a glimpse of landmarks such as the Dubai Creek, Spice market, the World Islands, Dubai Marina and so much more! Nothing beats the grand gesture of surprising your partner with a Helicopter ride and hence you are bound to have a wonderful day with plenty of memories to take home!

7. Spend a classic romantic evening at the Palace Downtown

Every Valentine’s day, the Dubai fountain puts on a dazzling show themed of togetherness. It is truly breath-taking to watch and it would be a lovely idea to go watch it along with your special someone. While you are at it, you can reserve seats at a restaurant in the Palace Downtown that has a good view of the Dubai fountain show. This way you can get the best of both and enjoy a delectable meal with a scintillating view!

8. Enjoy your dinner in the sky

They say to feel something extraordinary you have to do something extravagant. How about taking your partner to a dinner up in the sky this Valentine’s Day?! Dinner in the sky Dubai offers just that. Raised in the air for about 50m above the ground, this grand experience will let you have an amazing meal with a great view of the entire city beneath your feet. Book Dinner in the sky Dubai ahead to ensure the availability of this attraction as it is one of the prime places to be on the night of Valentine’s Day!

9. Catch a movie outdoors!

There is probably nothing more romantic than taking your partner to watch a favorite movie in the outdoors! Complete with couches, bean bags and more, the VOX Cinemas at Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah lets you do exactly that. Be under the stars on a rooftop and watch a movie here and also enjoy a delectable movie meal with the wonderful items on their a la carte! Book ahead to make your night perfect.

10.  Feel adventurous is the deep waters

If you are a couple that loves the waters, there’s plenty of things you can do this Valentine’s Day to make your celebration memorable. For a taste of adventure combined with teamwork, try Kayaking at Dubai Marina and enjoy the waters! If you want to venture deeper, you can take a one day trip to Fujairah and dive into the deep waters of the Gulf of Oman with your partner! Be mesmerized by the biodiversity of the Arabian sea, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Irrelevant of what you choose, make sure you have a great day planned ahead! Checkout Tripx Tours for things to do in Dubai in March,easy bookings and confirmation to travel hassle free! Wherever you go to, explore with #NOREGRETS!

Expo 2020 is just few months away and we are excited! For more information about Dubai Expo 2020, visit our page!

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Top Things To Do In Dubai After Dusk


If there is one place in the world where you can have any of your wishes come true, it must be Dubai. Filled with an amalgamation of experiences from the world, Dubai is a place like no other. Often travelers reach Dubai with a list of activities and places to cover during the day and head to their hotels to rest up during the night. However, this is one city that lights up like a carnival after dusk every day, and to truly enjoy this city you should explore its nightlife as well.

Here, we will take you on a virtual journey through all the possible experiences you can have at night during your trip to Dubai. From a random walk through its beautiful streets to activities that are all the more fun during the night, we are definite that you will find something that suits your tastes in here.

1. Dhow cruise along the dark, calm waters of Dubai

A Dhow is an ancient Arab boat which was an integral part of their livelihood during the times they were a fishing community. Dubai island that preserves its heritage along with the ultra-modern structures that come up, a Dhow cruise tour is available during evenings on Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. You can be Dhow cruise and simply drift along the calm and quiet waters of Dubai and see the city lit up in all its glory during the night.

Another fascinating part of Dubai is the aesthetic beauty of the night lights. Watching the city skyline from the water, you can be further enthralled by the reflections of the lights on the water, which is a sight that is bound to leave you speechless. You can also enjoy a peaceful 5-star Emirati dinner along with traditional entertainments such as Tanoura Dance while you are on board.

If you would prefer something more royal, you can also choose to cruise on the waters on the Bateaux Dubai cruise which provides a similar experience.

2. Enjoy a rare Dinner in the sky

Would you like to have a once in a lifetime Dining experience at Dubai? Then Dining in the sky is a perfect fit for you. One of the top attractions in this city, this is an experience like no other. You will be seated 50 meters above the ground with a breath-taking view of the entire city beneath you. You can see the Burj Al Arab in all its glory, the Burj Khalifa, and the vast turquoise ocean span beneath you.

Dining in the sky during their dinner slots is a grand way to see the city lights from an aerial perspective. The lights glimmer around the city, as the cars speed away through the traffic and hundreds of homes stay lit, causing the entire city to be cast in the glow of the Dubai life. What better to watch the city come alive at night than from a high vantage point! You can book ahead to ensure that the slot you want is available and carry along a windcheater in the case it gets chilly high above the ground.

3. Visit the Glow Garden Dubai

The Glow garden is a winter special attraction of Dubai which is located in Zabeel Park. It reopens each year for a new season and has been a huge hit among the crowds since its initiation in 2015. It is a truly mesmerizing experience to visit the Glow Garden Dubai during the hours after dusk. You can witness more than 10 million LED lights shining down on an assortment of sculptures around the park, created by a team of highly trained artists. An astonishing fact about these sculptures is the fact that they were all created from waste materials, recycled to form a beautiful sight to behold.

However, there is an additional reason why you shouldn’t miss the sights of Glow Garden during this season- The ICE PARK! This winter wonderland is preserved at a temperature of negative 8 degree Celsius and you can even find a miniature Burj Khalifa in here, made entirely of ice! There is an assortment of sculptures of towers of Dubai, animals and beautiful sights, all carefully crafted in ice.

You can also visit the Dinosaur park while you are here, which will be a treat for adults and kids alike with its wide collection of animatronic dinosaurs. It is a great way to learn and have fun.

4. Take a Luxury Limousine ride

Want to enjoy your Dubai trip indulging in complete luxury? Rent out a limo for a night! You can tour the city or visit your favorite lounge in this luxurious Limo and be dropped back at your hotel after your night out.

5. Spend a night in the desert

The desert Safari is most definitely a must see on any itinerary for Dubai. A trip to history, an adventure through the deserts, the desert safari is everything you can wish for. How about extending an evening in the deserts to a night? The Overnight Desert Safari is an upcoming attraction which lets you prolong your time in the desert and even have the chance to indulge in stargazing late at night. The lack of light pollution in the desert gives you a rare sight of the sky as clear as it can be, beaming with all its constellations and stars.

You can add to the fun in your evening in the desert with a delicious BBQ dinner & some shisha, while you watch a show of a traditional form of entertainment such as the Tanoura Dance & Belly dancing.

6. Take a walk through the avenue in Downtown Dubai

One of the most bustling areas of the city during the evenings, Downtown Dubai has a lot to offer. Dubai is well known for the huge variety of cuisines it offers and you can find some of the very best here. The street connects the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa as well, giving you a grand view while you indulge in a mouth-watering meal.

Take a walk through this street and stop to admire/shop at the world-class boutiques on the sides of the avenue as well. A great area to let your toddlers run free and play, a walk through Downtown is a must do if you want to experience a taste of the real life in Dubai.

7. Explore the Malls of Dubai

During the month of January, shopping is probably the activity that is most enjoyed in at Dubai. Visit the Dubai mall this January, to kick-start your shopping saga. This mall is not only the world’s biggest one, but it also offers a world of entertainment to the customers. Take a walk through the underwater tunnel, explore the aquarium, try your luck at the ice skating rink, and explore a massive collection of stores, all under the single roof of Dubai Mall!

Mall culture is something that is prevalent in the Middle East as it offers an escape from the heat outside. The malls in Dubai does not just that, but a lot more. Decorated with exquisite interior details and constructed with much grandeur, the malls are truly a sight to behold. You can explore the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Outlet Mall in addition to the grand Dubai Mall.

8. Take a trip to the markets of Dubai

If you are looking for a shopping experience that is authentic to Dubai and love the euphoria of street shopping, then think no more, and head one of the traditional markets or ‘Souks’ of Dubai. Like a typical market space, souks are filled with colorful lights, loud conversations and hidden treasures waiting for you. If you love ornaments engraved in gold, try visiting the Gold Souk to treat your eyes to an array of shops with their windows crammed with designs of both 22 carats and 24-carat gold.

If you want to explore the world of spices like never before, a visit to the Spice soul should fill up your dreams. They have an array of different spices authentically collected from different parts of the world.

You can also pay a visit to the perfume souk, textile souk, Naif souk, and the famous Friday market as well.

9. Explore the Dubai Fountain and take a peek at the world below from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Fountain is another mesmerizing sight to behold in this scintillating city. This aqua spectacle is situated on the 30 acre Burj Lake and has a length equivalent to two football pitches. The fountain moves to the beat to a selection of various melodies. With the combination of colored lights and tall sprouts of water from the surface, this is truly a remarkable sight.

You have the option of taking a boat ride on the Dubai Fountain Lake and watch the city from the calm waters or choose to get close to the fountain by stepping on the floating board walk and walking to the end. You get a different perspective from both these vantage points of the performance happening at the fountain.

While you are visiting the fountain, another item to add to the list is watching the city shine atop the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. You can purchase tickets to the Burj Khalifa during the evening hours and get aboard the third fastest elevator in the world and fly to the top to watch a mesmerizing view of the city lights.

10. Take a city tour during the night

If you want to be a part of the Dubai night and not just watch it, going on a Dubai city night tour can be a great idea for you. Watch the city shine and sparkle under the stars while you cruise along its busy streets and visit all of the major attractions of Dubai during the late evening. Cover the best parts of the nightlife prevalent in Dubai with a drive through its heart.

We hope you have found the perfect way you would like to spend your evenings in Dubai by reading this. This is a city with endless possibilities and it is simply to cover every possibility. We hope you will be able to make the most of your visit to Dubai and visit your favorite attractions, have the time of your lives and travel.

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Countries that are best to visit in January


The month of January is significant in several aspects. It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. What better way to kick start the New Year than to take a trip to a place you’ve never been to before? So this January, take a chance to explore uncharted territories, seek new experiences and discover memories that will last a lifetime.

Before you pick a place to visit, the first and foremost thing to check is the weather. During January, the northern hemisphere undergoes winter, while the people of the southern hemisphere will enjoy summer. Ultimately it depends on what experience you wish to capture during your time off from routine life. While some love spending their time soaking in the sun and vacationing on a beach, some others love the ghastly beauty of winter.

In this write-up, we will help you solve this dilemma by describing the best possible adventures you can have, all the places that are simply exceptional to visit during the beautiful month of January. So get ready and dive in, and come out with your next destination imprinted on your heart.

1. Iceland, the land of ice and fire

They say a picture tells a thousand words; we are definite that it is true in this case.  You may be wondering why a country that goes through a harsh winter is suggested in this article. Well, doubt no more. Iceland is one of the best places in the world you can witness the northern lights shimmering through the skies during the night time. Due to its significant placement geographically, it is one of the closest points to the North Pole which is the reason why the aurora borealis (northern lights) is clearly visible from here.

You can also explore the remnants of the Viking culture that still thrives in Iceland if you take a walk through Reykjavik. You can also have the chance to explore a geothermal spring such as the ones in Landmannalaugar. If you are someone who loves the marine life, you can pay a visit to the Black beach, Diamond beach and you can also get a rare chance to witness an Icelandic whale swim right beneath your boat. A country born from a volcanic eruption and filled with vast white snow, it is truly an amazing place to see. So pack your bags, grab your thermals and go!

2. Dubai, the land where dreams come true

Situated in a country that develops every second, this city is unlike any other. During the month of January, the people of Dubai enjoy a pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 18-28 degree Celsius, similar to the British Summer throughout the month. You can make the most of your time in this city and try out almost all of the activities and experiences available. Make sure you don’t miss a trip to Burj Khalifa- the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Al Arab, and the theme park world of Dubai!

An added reason to visit Dubai in January is the DSF- or Dubai Shopping Festival that goes on with much celebration until the end of the month. This grand event simply redefines the experience of shopping. You can visit a variety of outdoor markets, flash mobs, mega sales and have the chance to win numerous rewards.

January is also the month when the Dubai Motorbike Festival is held at the Dubai World Trade Center. Here you will get a chance to witness the largest exhibition of its kind in the world and be marveled at the amazing designs and innovations in the motorbike world. You can read this blog if you still need the motivation to plan a trip to Dubai!

3. Australia- Endless beaches and more!

The land of coral reefs and kangaroos, Australia is a continent/nation that is truly a great family vacation destination. As it is located in the southern hemisphere, summer months include January is one of the best times of the year to explore this place. In Sydney, you can explore the city in the best possible weather with temperatures ranging from 23 – 26 degree Celsius. As you travel closer to the ocean, the chill may increase as well.

However, there is no argument about January being the ideal month to explore the beaches of Australia. Be it Brisbane or Melbourne, every ocean is a breath-taking turquoise and comes with an amazing view in this land. They also have plenty of activities you can indulge yourself in such as snorkeling/ diving in the reefs, exploring the limestone caves and trying out some water sports.

Make sure you don’t miss the cities like Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane and especially the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to try out some of the lesser explored areas, you should pay a visit to Hunter Valley, Murramarand National Park, Philip Island, Twelve Apostles, and Lucky Bay.

4. Cambodia & Laos, unexplored jewels of Asia

This pair of countries that often clubbed together for travel by explorers is a wonderful destination in January. With similar history, heritage, ancient buildings and Buddhist monasteries of Cambodia and the French colonial architecture present in Laos all contribute to this collective charm.

As they are tropical countries, the primary check to be made is the status of rain. During January, the weather gets as dry as it can get and you can traverse through places without having to worry of being drenched. The temperatures range around 17-26 in both of these countries.

Some of the places that should not be missed while visiting these two countries are the ruins of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Bayon, Ta Promh, the viewpoint at Nong Khiaw, underground river cave, night markets, and the local food joints!

5. Hong Kong, Asia’s world city

A country known to be a merging point of the eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is a land filled with seaside adventures, mountains, endless skyscrapers, and rural settings. Now you know why it remains one of the most sought after cities in the entire globe.

In January, this country is cool, dry and mild; making it ideal for a hassle-free sightseeing experience. Take a trip to the world’s highest bar, take an endless hike across a mountain, and simply enjoy the tranquillity that exists in this country amidst the rapid development. Equipped experiences ranging from the buzz of the nightlife and rich cultural experiences, Hong Kong is the PLACE to be in January! Explore some of the priceless attractions of Hong Kong to make your holiday memorable and simply enjoy that well-deserved vacation!

6. Singapore, Passion made possible

Singapore is a country that is visited well throughout the year irrelevant of seasons. However, during January, the land is cool enough to not break a sweat and this can help make your trip more pleasant. Filled with possibilities, this city has activities for the nature lover, thrill seeker and every other kind of traveler.

This city is a perfect combination of urban structures unspoiled sanctuaries and lush green parks. You should take a walk through the streets at night if you are a foodie at heart. Filled with mouth-watering spices and aromas, the streets of Singapore have a long list of must-try delicacies.

Without a visit to the Mer-lion, your visit to Singapore will remain incomplete. You can also try the hop-on and Hop-off bus tours during your time here. So this January, take a trip to Singapore and relish in its authenticity, development, and beauty.

7. Paris, The city of lights

If you ask someone about the best time to visit Paris, they will probably answer with the name of a summer month. Even though the summer days may be longer and warmer, there is a mystical beauty that engulfs the city during winters which are a must see. Snow covered roads leading to the Eiffel tower, kids skating on frozen lakes, and a whiff of fresh winter delicacies are all parts of the soul of Paris in January.

You can get the best of both seasons by taking a trip to Paris on this month as the winter is not quite over yet and hence the mood is still set, but it is also not too cold like during the heart of the season. The crowned winter special delicacy to try is the Galette des Rois which you can find in any bakery of Paris during this season. Rich, creamy and soft, this frangipani tart will create an explosion of comfortable flavors in your mouth. You can also try the Vin Chaud or the Hot mulled wine which is another way Parisians warm their body up during cold winters.

Another huge advantage of a winter trip to Paris is that you can go almost anywhere without having to deal with a crowd. Be it the Louvre museum, the Versailles Palace or the banks of the river Seine, you can see the true beauty of Paris without being caught in the rush of tourists.

As we conclude, we hope we’ve succeeded to incest an idea of a destination into your heart, which you would choose to follow! They say travel is the only thing that makes you richer when you pay for it. So take a chance and travel to a corner of the world this January with #NOREGRETS.

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