Building the Burj Khalifa, The Birth of an Architectural Legend

Building the Burj Khalifa

History of Burj Khalifa 

Dubai Fountain Lake

The decision to design and construct Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world wasn’t a difficult one for the UAE government. In 2004, the construction of the world famous Burj Khalifa was started when a decision was made to start diversifying the economy. They wanted to get away from their strict affiliation with oil, and to create a place that really showcased the beauty and culture of the UAE. The Burj Khalifa, initially named the Dubai Khalifa, was to be the centerpiece for a new construction project. This project would introduce the Downtown Dubai concept to the rest of the world. The government hoped to turn Dubai into a center for tourism by introducing this architectural marvel along with nine hotels, over 30,000 homes, and entire areas dedicated to beauty and recreation.

The Burj Khalifa required an entire team of architects and engineers to come up with a design that was both striking, and kept with traditional designs in the area. The building was created using reinforced steel, concrete, and the most durable materials available. Construction progressed quickly, and the tower was growing at a rapid pace. The tallest cranes ever used were brought in to continue moving materials to the top in order to maintain the building pace. After a while, even these cranes could not move the materials high enough to reach the workers. It was decided that large balconies be built, allowing cranes to be elevated in order to reach the rising top of the tower.

It was successfully completed in 2010, and was soon evaluated and named the tallest structure in the entire world. The Burj Khalifa reaches 828 meters into the sky- slightly over a mile! This is nearly three Eiffel Towers stacked atop one another, and is difficult to imagine until you’re standing before it. The tower is open to the public, but it’s a better idea to purchase Burj Khalifa tickets online. You’ll get the best rates and skip the lines by purchasing online ahead of time.

The mega-skyscraper has a huge array of attractions that can be enjoyed by its visitors. There are hundreds of hotel rooms and apartments available on the lower decks. It also offers a world-class gym and spa with amenities that can rival the most luxurious hotels in the world. As you travel further up the tower, you’ll find five-star accommodations for those who simply want to visit.

The observation decks are a far cry from what many people expect. They are designed to be as much of an attraction as the exterior of the building, and each one is unique. The interior is a place where new-age technology meets traditional architecture and bold design. There’s nowhere else like it in the world, and it truly is the crown-jewel of Dubai.

At.mosphere, located on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa, is considered one of the best places to eat in Dubai. It provides diners with a once in a lifetime eating experience that takes five-star dining to new heights. This is the tallest restaurant in the world, and definitely requires some forethought. Make sure that you call ahead of time for reservations, and that you have deep pockets! The food is exquisite, the surroundings unique, and the experience is unparalleled by any other eatery in the world.

The Burj Khalifa is enough of a reason to visit Dubai, but it is also surrounded by world-class attractions that everyone can enjoy. Aquariums, resorts, and beautiful beaches have made this area one of the most popular tourist spots anywhere. One look at the skyline, and anyone can see why!

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