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Dubai is one city that’s bursting with surprises. It holds an assortment of unique experiences from around the world, adapted into this beautiful country. In this write-up, we are going to explore some of the most unusual and unexpected you can get involved in during your visit to Dubai. So dive right into this read and we are definite you will find something that will excite you!

Walk through an Aquarium or choose to swim amidst predators!

If you are someone who loves the world of deep sea and marine creatures, Dubai may be the perfect place for you to go vacation at! Pay a visit to the Underwater Tunnel which is a part of the Dubai Aquarium and you can even take a walk through the aquarium in an acrylic tunnel with a view that spans 270 degrees. You can journey through this breath-taking place and experience the marine world through three varied ecological zones namely – Coastline, Rainforest and night creatures. They also have animals such as Giant spider crabs, penguins, piranhas, crocodiles, seahorses. Sea jellies and much more!

If you love deep sea creatures and a sense of adventure, the Predator dive at the Atlantis Palm is a must visit. Here you can swim amidst some of the rarest species of sharks and rays among 65000 other marine animals. You can also hand feed the creatures during this descend into the ambassador lagoon at the Lost Chambers aquarium, Atlantis.

‘Chill’ in an Ice Lounge

Dubai is also home to the first Ice lounge in the Middle East- Chillout Lounge, which is simply a grand place to be at! You can witness sculptures crafted in ice, seating completely made of ice and more here. This place is a combination of ice, glass, and steel which is lit by diffused lighting that enters through the ice blocks. These low-lux hues also bring out the patterns embossed in the ice cubes that make the walls of the space.

To ensure your body does not get affected by the sudden dip in temperature, the lounge provides you with sufficient thermal clothing and is also facilitated with a buffer zone set to 5 degrees, to let your body adapt to the sub-zero temperatures before you enter the lounge. If you are famished, you can also dine here and choose from an assortment of sandwiches, hot drinks, and exquisite desserts.

Dine in the sky

Dubai is well known for the multitude of cuisines they offer and the unique flavor and taste of the Emirati food. What if we told you that dinner in Dubai could be turned into an adventure? At Dinner in the sky, you can do just the same. Floating up in the sky 50 meters above ground, you can not only indulge in a fine dining experience but also treat yourself to a magnificent view of the skyline of Dubai.

Dining in the sky is perfect procreation where a view meets a plate. You can book ahead and go along with your loved ones as this epic experience can seat 22 people simultaneously. If you like capturing memories of a place on your travel, you can have the time of your life atop this dining space, as almost all of the icons of Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina is clearly visible from here and that too at a panoramic angle.

Ski in a Desert country

Unbelievable as it may sound, you can ski from a high slope and even get a chairlift ride with an incredible view in a desert-like Dubai. Ski Dubai, located in Dubai Mall is one of UAE’s top destinations is an arena filled with real snow and temperatures as low as 4 degree Celsius. The destination is so authentic that you will have to dress exactly like how you would in a ski resort! You can have the time of your life in this place regardless of your age; spend your time building a snowman, ride a sled downhill, climb towers, capture the view from a chairlift, ski through a slope or take a visit to the ice caves in the snow park!

Ski Dubai is also excellent in terms of facilities as they understand you may not have come to Dubai prepared for heavy winter weather. They provide thermals and anything necessary and you can even buy a cup of steaming hot cocoa to savor in the cold. They also have rides you can venture on such as the snow bullet ride, mountain thriller ride, and an indoor zip line over the snow-covered slopes.

Soar up to the sky in a balloon

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Soaring up into the sky amidst the clouds, the sun, and birds! No dream is impossible in this versatile country. Going high up in the air on a hot air balloon ride is an item in the bucket list of every human being. It is a unique, scintillating experience with views that are worth dying for. As the launch of the balloon ride usually begins in the desert, you can also use the chance to go on a desert safari along with the ride.

As you soar up into the endless sky up above, you will start to see the vast desert expanding with each second and objects getting smaller with the height. At a height close to 4000 feet above the sands of the desert, you will get a glimpse of the ocean at a distance like a blue-green splotch on the land. Another advantage of this experience is that you will be able to witness the fauna of the desert as well; gazelles, camels, gazelles, oryx and more, in a picturesque setting.

Upon landing, you will also be welcomed with a delicious Arabian breakfast before you return to the city to add a sense of completion to your visit to the desert skies at twilight.

Zoom across the mountains on the world’s longest zip line

If you are someone who lives for the feel of adrenaline rushing through your veins, Dubai has something to add to your list of adventures. Located upon the mountain ranges of Jebel Jais, the zip line is the largest of its kind in the world that will let you cruise over the peaks at a speed as high as 150 kmph at a height of 1680 meters above ground. The feel of the fear dissipating into the air as you are distracted by the breath-taking views, that feeling of being disconnected from everything except nature and the feeling of true freedom are things you must experience at least once in your lifetime.

As for safety, you can completely avoid worry as the facility is equipped with the best security harnesses and safety precautions to ensure you are safe at all times. The ride lasts for a blissful three minutes until you land on a platform.

Take a walk through a man-made bio-dome

Want to experience how being a real rainforest would feel like? Take a trip to Dubai! Sounds truly bizarre, doesn’t it? Like we said, there is almost no experience that Dubai does not form home to. The Green planet, Dubai is a multilevel structure that is maintained at the exact weather conditions of a rain forest in Amazon. There is simply a world inside here consisting of over 3000 varieties of both rare and indigenous flora and fauna. This vast and enclosed ecosystem is also the largest of its kind which forms the ultimate destination for anyone who loves nature. The atmosphere inside can seem unfamiliar with the specific settings of humidity, temperature, and light. However, after a few minutes, you will adapt to it completely and start to breathe in the freshness of the forest life.

We hope you had a roller coaster ride of a virtual experience as you went through this write-up. Take a unique journey into the world of adventures, experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities with a visit to this land of dreams- Dubai. Book with TripX Tours to explore the real Dubai and travel with #NOREGRETS!

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